QB Progression Shotgun Red Gun

3 Oct

In QB Progression I am going to break down plays and just tell you where to go and what to look for.  I’m going to break it down so the pass game starts to make sense

Keep this in mind. In tecmo you are at an advantage outside the pocket and running towards the line of scrimmage.  Dropping back limits your visibility, increases the flight time of the ball and cuts down on extreme angles.  Only drop back if you plan to jj for the endzone.

Now in redgun focus on rb1.  Learn to throw to him and the entire play will open up.

Also take some time to practice the top to bottom throw I demonstrate.  It will be key in keeping the defender honest.

Remember.  Just like a db reading a qb’s eyes a good human defender knows your options. Due to the arrow he knows your likely throws.  However, time is not his ally.  The more time you take the more likely you can move even the best human defenders out of position.

Here is a short version of the the t video.

Below is the full video.

Hardcore Tecmo part 2

1 Aug

In part 2 of hardcore tecmo we take a look into the technique to lurch with the nose tackle and the technique to avoid.

The best lurch you run just slightly down and forward. Then tap B as you move forward. If done right you will have a very good chance of sacking the QB.

Of course the draw back is sometimes with that short move you get blocked.

Now in the video we see a 6 Ms QB gets lurched by anyone.

A 13 Ms QB you need good technique or a superior DL. Typically 38 ms nt will take down a 13 Ms QB.

A 19 Ms QB you need perfect technique with 38 Ms or more.

25 Ms QB you need perfect technique with 50 Ms nt or Bob Nelson.

A 31 MS QB you might get 1/10 times with Bob Nelson. At this point it’s not worth it.  Look at how close I come even with good technique.

The key thing is the technique as you can see in the video below.

Hardcore Tecmo Part 1

30 Jul

Hardcore Tecmo part one is a basic overview of the differences that happen when the game play rules are removed.  No nose tackle dive and we at rb.

In hardcore tecmo the nose tackle dive is a huge factor. Also know as the lurch.  38 Ms nt’s and higher are highly productive at the lurch.

Here is a list of NT’s by hardcore ability.

Gb Bob Nelson 38 Ms but 69 rp

50 Ms Pitt, NO

44 Ms Det, sd, dal, minn

38 Ms sf, ATL, phi, nyg, hou, Rams, wash, cin, phx, sea,

31 MS Rai, Cle, Mia, Buf, tb, den, jets

25 Ms kc, ind,NE

19 Ms chi

The best way to avoid this is a 19 Ms or 25 Ms QB.  Any QB at 25 or more Ms does not need to worry.  The second beat way is to use more shotgun plays.  The third way is to protect yourself with runs that are not suspectable to lurching.

The best plays for this are the r and S sweeps.  In general sweeps are immune to the lurch and up the middle is suspect.  Avoid the offset I playbook and the proform run up the middle.

Finally keep in mind some teams will get a tremendous running back upgrade.


The most note worthy upgrades are Houston, Atlanta, Miami, Rams, Philly, Minnesota and NE with a 44 Ms Marv cook who is not pictured.  (Pic of Tecmogeek.com).

Keep in mind teams like SF give up a lot to plug in Rice at RB but the danger of a 44 RS 69 MS Rice is almost as good as Bo Jackson.

Below is my first video going over hardcore tecmo.

Here is a short version you might s well call lurching 101.





Defend Pro Form Sweeps

30 Jul

There are two proform sweeps and they are easy plays to defend.  Each run is highly susceptible to the lb1, lb2 and lb3 position.  It is really hard to use this play unless you are confident in your tapping.

Below is my video demonstrating the technique.


Here is the short version.

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7 Jul

As of the last four months I have undergone a major effort to make this blog into a video blog on YouTube.  It would help tremendously if you can subscribe to the Tecmo101 YouTube.

Tecmo 101 examples is a playlist that will have my entire video collection of Tecmo super bowl training.


If you have not yet subscribed to the retrosportsgamer YouTube I suggest that as well.


The cool thing is that Tecmo 101 video blog will soon be expanding to other popular retro sports games.  I plan to have videos on nhl94, nba jam, NFL blitz, RBI baseball, original tecmo bowl and more.  As soon as I feel confident in my technique I plan to make training videos.

Tecmo super bowl will always be my main focus but a few key videos on other games are on the way



Defend R&S sweep r

5 Jul

Here are three videos to show you various ways of containing R&S sweep R.  For those enjoying the Tecmo training series I plan to edit these videos and remove the filler so it’s more focused on technique.


The first video is a short overview of the longer videos.

Part one of the full video is how to use the defensive backs.

Part two of the full video is how to use the LBs and DLs.

Ok I am updating with this information from Bruddog about the chop block.



So there is a 33% chance that every r and S sweep r has a chop block.  Plus there is some useful information we will use later about some other run plays.

Defend R and S Sweep L

21 Jun

This is the first of two videos detailing how to defend r and s sweep l. Also affectionately know as up and A. Unlike earlier techniques this play needs many options of defense. That is so you are ready for the more challenging task of defending it’s companion play. R and S Sweep R, arguably the best play in Tecmo.

The first video is a cut from the longer videos with more details.


Below is video one which goes over using each defensive back.

Part two is now available.  It goea over the 4 linebackers and the defensive linemen.


Defend FB power dive & Toss Sweep R.

8 Jun

Ok.  I combined these two plays into one article and two videos.  Although there are other techniques I focused on the most reliable methods against both plays.  As these plays are almost always paired together.

The first two videos are short versions of the long videos.  Watch the longer version if you need more detail.



Burn Routes

1 Jun

In Tecmo burn routes can occur when the drone defender does not properly cover a receiver.  This mainly happens just after the snap as the drone fails to properly cover.  Learning to recognize these patterns on both offense and defense can improve your tecmo game.

Qb’s with higher passing speed plus good pass control throw a better burn route.  A burn route is thrown on an angle. This way the defending drone doesn’t jump up and deflect the pass.

Typically you also want a faster receiver and it’s an extra bonus in your favor if they have more running speed.

Although not needed a mismatch against a corner or safety will help.  Yet that doesn’t mean it will happen.  Also even a great defensive back can be beat if it’s the computer is covering your target receiver.  What you ideally want to recognize is in this following video.

If you can recognize when the CPU controlled players is having a cramp.  It almost looks like he had his hands on his knees, bent over and panting.  Once you can recognize that and throw you will find it doesn’t matter who is covering if the pass is good.

In my offense I prefer the burn route up top to wr1.  But you can throw them down low as well.  Here is another few examples.

And a couple more

Now it’s not going to happen all the time.  Also bad qb’s with high passing speed can misthrow.  Ideally you want to have this at your disposal a few times game.  You also want to recognize it on defense so you can fill in coverage gaps.  Below is the full videos and it was frustrating trying to replicate.  Which is why I caution you that you may not see it at times. Then in other games it might be there all day.

JJ Int Drill

25 May

The JJ Int drill is designed to help learn the positions you need to be in to perform the JJ interception.

To quote Bruddog. An expert on how the game works first you have to meet these conditions.

” 1. The ball has to be at least 1/4 of the way to its final location.

2. Your player has to be determined “in on the play” aka locked. You shouldn’t be able to move him. This is the same logic that applies to whether your player can affect the outcome of a pass

3. There is window of number of frames remaining in the pass animation where the player can jump.

4. The player has to be within the jump limits. The jump also cant put him way past the ball.

5. Then there is the skill value check. 3 notches above the pc = 50% chance. 4 notches = 100%”

That last part is key. It will just be a deflection without the three and preferably 4 notch advantage.

When I do it I try to be half way or a little more than half way for a stationary target. If you get too close your defender will lock on and dive or lock on and run to the ball.

You need to be in line with the receiver and QB. Their is a little leeway but go for a straight line. At the release of the ball you want to be moving slightly. You will know it had been done right when you lose control of your guy and he jumps

If you don’t lose control or if you lose control for a different action you just missed.

The cool thing is the following video will allow you to practice it. Both against moving and stationary targets. Just plug in Carlson for Moon and be McMillan on the Jets.

With your offense controller just press the button to throw. With your defensive controller run into the right position to JJ Int. If you use the book I use in the video you can practice against two stationary targets, a target moving at the top of the screen and one at the bottom of the screen.