Tecmo Spring 2019 April 1st to June 31st.

14 Mar

Spring isn’t in the air but another 3 months of great tecmo is.  As per usual every monday we stream live from dmen tap.  Below are the tournaments.  If you want your event listed on my blog and promoted by me it just takes a post on tecmoworld.

Every Monday live from Chicago

Retro Sports League

March 31st

March 31st tecmo original and rbi baseball.  Omaha NE

April tournaments

Tecmo Players Championship April 6th

Minneapolis, MN – The Pourhouse Retro Sunday – April 7, 2019

Tecmo Las Vegas 4/27 at lvl up expo 4/26-4/28

May Tournaments

June Tournaments

Jersey Cup June 1st


Tecmo Players Championship II April 6th 2019 Chicago Il.

14 Mar

Tecmo Players Championship II April 6th 2019

The high roller Vegas style big buck tournament is coming back for year two.

My goal is 40 players max. This year entry will be 100 bucks. I will be putting in 1000 of sponsorship money on top of the entry fees.

Entry method. https://www.signupforms.com/registrations/17288

Then pre pay 100.

Location. Dmen tap if under 20. If over then Micheal Anthony’s or another location will be used.

Prizes. With 40.
2000 1st
1400 2nd
1000 3rd
500 4th
100 5th

Stream.Retro sports gamer.
Other stream spots are open but you must provide your own internet connection.

Format. Each group of 10 will play a round robin. Then we will seed into a elimination bracket. All rounds will be best of three. There will not be a bye till we get down to five. Then the lowest two seeds will play a play in game. Afterwards it will reseed to the highest seed verse the lowest remain seed.

matchup calls:. Once you play in a matchup you cannot play in that matchup again for the rest of the tournament.

Rules: standard rules. No lurching, no wr/te can have a running play. No looking at controllers. No turbo controllers. If you have a question ask.

Two day format: in order to do 40 we would need at least half of players to play half there bracket or more Friday night before the main event. This will reduce the amount of equipment needed and keep the event from running too long. If you play Friday night you will have at least 4 games to play Saturday.

Satellite events: I will have satellite tournaments leading up to event. One has already happened and Rico has earned a free entry.

Entry method.


Bad plays and how to defend them.

13 Mar

My latest video shows examples on stopping the worst plays in tecmo super bowl.

Video example

As a quick reference here are the plays covered and the defenders used.

Wte off tackle R. Use lb4
Pitch L Fake use db1 lb1
T off tackle R use lb 4
Wr reverse R use lb1 db1
Shotgun C Draw use lb3
WTE f-flicker use lb4 lb1
Flea Flicker use lb2, lb3
T Flea Flicker use lb1, lb2, lb3
Rev Fake Z post use lb1, db1

Two new training videos 3/11/2019

11 Mar

I had some time last night and this morning to add two new videos. A basic drill on running the ball. Plus how to defend another play.

Defend t power dive

When defending t power dive I showed several techniques and will list which technique is best for a respective team.
SF lb4
Buf lb4
Hou lb4
Nyg lb 1,2,3
Kc lb1,2,3
Rai lb3, db2
Phi lb2
Chi lb3
Cin lb1, contain with Fulcher
Det lb1, nt
Sd db2, lb1, nt
Minn db2, lb2, nt, lb1
Mia lb3
Wash db2
Den lb4, lb2, lb1
TB contain with haddix
Rams lb4
Pitt 1b1,lb2,lb3, db2, nt, contain with Wolfson
Dal db2, lb2
Phx 1b1 or contain with either safety.
Jets lb2, lb3, contain with McMillan
Atl contain with Sanders
NO lb1, lb2, lb3, nt, db2
GB nt, lb1
Cle db2, lb3
Sea db2
NE. Db2, lb1
Ind good luck with whatever player used.

Long runs

Minneapolis, MN – The Pourhouse Retro Sunday – April 7, 2019

10 Mar


Dates: April 7, 2019
Location: The Pourhouse, 10 South 5th St, Minneapolis, MN 55402

(100% of entries go into prize pool)

11:30am – Tecmo Super Bowl (NES) – $20 Entry fee
1:30pm – NHL ’94 (Sega Genesis) – $20 Entry fee
3:30pm – NBA Jam T.E. (Sega Saturn) – $10 Entry Fee


http://retroworldseries.com/2018-19-sea … ro-sunday/

Tecmo Vegas Las Vegas, NV April 27th 2019 at LVL UP expo April 26-28

10 Mar


Dates: April 26-28, 2019
Location: Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV

Tournament Entry: http://retroworldseries.com/2018-19-sea … l-up-expo/
Expo Tickets: https://lvlupexpo.com/event/lvl-up-expo-2019/
Official Rules: http://retroworldseries.com/info/official-rules/
Tournament Rules: http://retroworldseries.com/info/gameplay-rules/

Entry fees do not include Expo passes.

Day 2 – Saturday, April 27

11:30am – Tecmo Super Bowl (NES) – $45 ($40 Entry Fee + $5 Tournament Fee)
Bottom 2 from each group in group stage will have their own single-elimination consolation tournament.

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/retroworldseries & https://www.twitch.tv/tecmotour

Tecmo Training Video Series

7 Mar

I’ve decided to revamp and upgrade the blogs ability to teach people how to play tecmo super bowl.  Below will be a series of videos that will help you play tecmo super bowl better.

If the link opens to another blog article it’s a written follow up to the video and the video link will be on that post.

Also any link with the word (old) is from 5 years ago and will be updated eventually.

Introduction Video

NFL films presents tecmo super bowl

Below will be a link to the videos.


Skill level rookie, intermediate, advanced.

Offense videos


QB Scramble Drill rookie

Long Runs rookie

Hot routes (old) intermediate

Hot routes part 2 (old) intermidinte

Defense videos

Defend R&S Sweep L intermediate

Defend t power dive intermediate

Defend Bad Plays intermediate

Defend Weakside open intermediate

R&S sweep R (old) intermediate

Defend Pitch L Open intermediate

LB4 Lurch Old advanced

Special teams.

Blocking field goals(old) rookie


Coordinator series all advanced

 R&S z fly