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Detroit, MI – 3/9/2019 – Tecmo Kumite VII

20 Jan

Sign-ups for Kumite VII are now live!

Registration Page:

This year we are offering three divisions of competition, so there’s something for players all ranges of skill and intensity. Compete for the title of Kumite Champion in the Black Belt division. Square off with other avid Tecmoers, minus the sharks, in the Brown Belt division. And if you’re new to the game, out of practice, or just prefer a more casual atmosphere, get your kicks in the White Belt division. Cash, prizes, and raffle items will be ample and up for grabs for all competitors!

Enjoy a discount if you submit your registration fee by 2/28.

Send registration fee via PayPal to: TECMODETROIT@GMAIL.COM

Join us at The Old Shillelagh on March 9th for The Kumite!


Tecmo Players Championship II April 6th 2019 Chicago Il.

22 Dec

Tecmo Players Championship II April 6th 2019

The high roller Vegas style big buck tournament is coming back for year two.

My goal is 40 players max. This year entry will be 100 bucks. I will be putting in 1000 of sponsorship money on top of the entry fees.

Entry method. Contact me via email, phone, or Facebook messenger. Then pre pay 100.

Location. Dmen tap if under 20. If over then Micheal Anthony’s or another location will be used.

Prizes. With 40.
2000 1st
1400 2nd
1000 3rd
500 4th
100 5th

Stream.Retro sports gamer.
Other stream spots are open but you must provide your own internet connection.

Format. Each group of 10 will play a round robin. Then we will seed into a elimination bracket. All rounds will be best of three. There will not be a bye till we get down to five. Then the lowest two seeds will play a play in game. Afterwards it will reseed to the highest seed verse the lowest remain seed.

matchup calls:. Once you play in a matchup you cannot play in that matchup again for the rest of the tournament.

Rules: standard rules. No lurching, no wr/te can have a running play. No looking at controllers. No turbo controllers. If you have a question ask.

Two day format: in order to do 40 we would need at least half of players to play half there bracket or more Friday night before the main event. This will reduce the amount of equipment needed and keep the event from running too long. If you play Friday night you will have at least 4 games to play Saturday.

Satellite events: I will have satellite tournaments leading up to event. One has already happened and Rico has earned a free entry.

Entry method. Contact me via email, phone, or Facebook messenger. Then pre pay 100.

Retro Sports League Championship – Chicago, IL – 1/5/19

22 Dec

Retro Sports League Championship – Chicago, IL – 1/5/19

You have been invited to Retro Sports League Championship with Free Entry. This tournament will decide who is the best overall Retro Sports Gamer. I am inviting every player that has played in the Retro Sports League, DMen Tap Tecmo League, or any of the Chicago Tournaments put on by Mort or I this year. Troy will also be inviting a small amount of players that have attended his events in Green Bay. If you know someone who hasn’t met this criteria, but is an active member of the retro sports gaming community and wants to participate, please message me on Facebook or email me at

1st Place Prize is sponsored by The Retro Sports Gamer:
-$300 Cash

2nd Place Prize is sponsored by Troy GBLAN from Edge of 94 Wisconsin:
-$100 Cash

The tournament will be triple elimination from the start. You could end up playing any of these 4 games already pre-filled in on the bracket: Tecmo Super Bowl (NES), RBI Baseball (NES), NBA Jam TE (Sega Genesis), NHL 94 (Sega Genesis). All games are played “as is” with no specific in-game gameplay rules.

-Tecmo Super Bowl (Hardcore)
-RBI Baseball (All pitching substitutions legal)
-NBA Jam TE (Norm Speed, CPU Assitance Off, Tag Mode On)
-NHL 94 (Manual Goaltending, Penalties On, No Offsides)

All seeding and 1st round games played will be random besides for any player that has played 25 or more games in the Retro Sports League this year. Those select players will be the top seeds in order by win percentage and get to chose which game they play in the first round.

If you are interested in playing please RSVP by December 28th, 2018.

Dubuque, IA – Tomczak Bowl XI – 3/2/19

22 Dec

Dubuque, IA – Tomczak Bowl XI – 3/2/19

WHAT: Tomczak Bowl XI
WHEN: Saturday, March 2, 2019
WHERE: The Venue, 285 Main St, Dubuque, IA 52001
Buy-In: $30

Format: Double elimination
Prizes: Cash prizes to top 3 finishers. Trophy and coveted Tomczak Champion Blazer to winner.

Live Stream: ‪


Bloomington, Illinois 02/09/2019 Bloomington Tecmo XVI

12 Dec


WHEN: Saturday February 9, 2019 at NOON

WHERE: The Station Saloon. 1611 Morrissey Drive Bloomington, Illinois 61704.

BUY-IN: $25. Buy in includes food, 2 free beer tokens, and depending on budget some more door giveaways.

REGISTRATION: Registration is open now. Secure your spot by sending payment to through PayPal. Please select friends/family so there are not additional costs for us. Deadline is February 3, 2019

RULES: Madison rules.

FORMAT: Round robin group play with the top finishers placed in a double elimination tournament bracket to battle for the championship belt. The individuals that don’t qualify for the championship bracket will be placed in the double elimination beer league bracket to battle it out for the Bloomington Beer Keg.

PRIZES: The winner will take home the championship belt (must return to defend title the following year to keep it). Trophies will be provided for other top finishers, along with some raunchy prizes for our competitors who don’t fare as well. There is a possibility of cash prizes if we receive enough participants. All proceeds from this tournament will be invested back to the players, and all expenses to run this event.

LIVE STREAM: The Retro Sports Gamer will be providing the live stream. Here is the link for the channel the stream will be on:


Bloomington Tecmo is the longest running tournament around. Established in 2004 during a Super Bowl party, it’s grown to what it is today. Bloomington is a no pressure tournament that wants everyone to enjoy a game we all love without having to worry about whether or not you will win enough money to cover your tournament expenses. If we do offer some cash rewards we don’t want people coming strictly for the money. To help provide stress relief we encourage plenty of drinking. To help with the light weights who can’t handle there booze by providing food. Anybody wishing to play or attend must pay by February 3, 2019. Any other questions, comments, or concerns can be addressed by emailing me at Thanks, and I hope to see you there!

Talk it up on tecmo world.

Green Bay, WI – 2/23/19 – NHL94 Tournament, 2/22/19 Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament

6 Dec


What : Barry Melrose Place Weekend Tecmo , for NHL94 tournament details please visit here :

When : February 22th, 2019, 7:00 PM(Tecmo), February 23, 2019, 10:00AM(NHL94)

Where : Edge VR Arcade 2642 Packerland Dr, Green Bay, WI 54313

Cost : $20(Tecmo) or $50(both tournaments) via Paypal to If also participating in our February 23rd. NHL94 tournament, it’s only $10 to enter Tecmo.

Format : Swiss followed by single elimination bracket.

Prizes: Payouts to top 2 players will be made in a 65/35 for 1st and 2nd place respectively. Payout is directly tied to number of entrants, and total entry fees collected. Approximately 3/4 of entry fees collected are paid out in prize. Assuming 20 players collecting $400, $300 would be paid out $195 for first place, $105 for 2nd place. All entrants will be automatically entered to win a Gamerztek 8 Bit HD system.

Register: send $20 via friends and family, if also wanting to register for NHL94 please fill out our registration form You are considered signed up once paid.


1. Team Selection Winner of coin toss is player 1 and chooses tier. Loser of coin toss chooses team from tier player 1 selected or a lower tier. Winner of coin toss chooses team second from tier originally chosen or lower tier.

2. We will not keep track of teams used during group play. Choose the team that best suits you in group play under the tier list guidelines.

3. Customizing Playbooks and Lineup Changes. You are allowed to change your selected team’s playbook before each game. Checking the change / substitution screen is allowed during gameplay. Once per quarter for each player is the recommendation.

4. Only a running back may receive a hand off, unless a reverse play is called. It is permissible

5. No ties. If a game is tied when regulation concludes, competitors will proceed to OT. All OT’s will be 5-minute sudden death periods. If no one scores in the first OT, the second OT will be only the first quarter in a new game. This process will be repeated until a winner emerges. So that one competitor does not start with the ball in every OT period, the receiving team (i.e. team that gets the ball first) shall alternate beginning with the second OT period.

6. Defensive Lineman Lurching / Nose Tackle Dive / Any D-Lineman Dive is ILLEGAL. You must engage a lineman or go around the tackle box before engaging a player with a D-Lineman. This rule does not apply on Shotgun/Red Gun Z formations. This rule also does not apply on field goals or extra points.

7. Nintendo Malfunctions: If there is an equipment failure in the first half, games will be replayed from the start. If equipment malfunctions in the 2nd half, only the second half is replayed. In that event, the scores from each half are added together to obtain a final score. If the game was uncompetitive or the equipment malfunctioned due to human error, the tourney organizers reserve the right to declare a winner without replaying any portion of the game.

8. Tournament Disputes: Trojan1979 is the sole tournament referee for dispute resolution unless stated otherwise the day of the tournament.

9. Competitors are allowed to bring their own controller, but it has to be an official Nintendo rectangle controller, official Nintendo dogbone controller, or a Hyperkin, Cirka, Gamerztek, or Old Skool 3rd party controller. We reserve the right to inspect and deny use of any controller for any reason.

10. All systems are either original NES consoles, or top loading clone consoles by Gamerztek, all hooked up via composite connection on CRT screens.


This professional live coverage will be voiced and broadcasted by Troy GBLAN, organizer and voice of the GBLAN Online Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament. Troy will be showcasing the best players this tournament has to offer from opening kickoff until the champion is crowned! I encourage everyone to check out tgfnretro on Twitch and follow as they cover Tecmo events all over the country.




Have you ever wanted to be a commentator at a Tecmo Tournament? Maybe you just want to cut a wrestling promo Tecmo style? This is your opportunity! This stream will be run by The Retro Sports Gamer teams. The goal of this stream is to capture the natural essence of the tournament and get as many unique players on stream as possible. Want to play on stream? Just ask! We will do our best to broadcast your game next.

Players that register and can’t make the tournament with at least one week notice will be fully refunded.

Chat it up on tecmoworld.

Full Nelson Tecmo Hardcore Tournament Recap

5 Dec

Tournament Recap


This is Mort.  Posting a tourney recap to give you guys an ideal of the great action in green bay this winter at two great upcoming events.  If you want your tournament information and recap on the blog just post it at

On October 20th, 2018, during the Packer bye weekend, and the same day as game 7 of the Brewers NLCS, 20(21 if you count the player substitution) Tecmo combatants descended upon the Edge VR Arcade to do battle, in the first ever “Full Nelson” Tecmo Super Bowl tournament.


Opening ceremonies were conducted, which consisted of using Joeygats as a stand in for the Stars and Stripes as Trojan sang our National Anthem.

We were pleasantly surprised when moments after the first round of games started, Packers all time leading rusher Ahman Green entered the scene.


As the tournament already started, we had him serve as substitute, and he hopped on the mic for the first two games on stream as a commentator. One of our players had to leave after their 2nd game, and he continued on from there as his replacement. He won his first game on stream against NFUFred, who was admittedly a bit nervous sitting next to a Packers great. You can catch this game at about the 1 Hour 5 Minute mark on the stream, when the start setting up.

Ahman also signed two cartridges of Tecmo Super Bowl, one which we gave away as a prize using a number generator. Applejacks was the winner of the signed cartridge. Michael Joyce, owner of Player 2 Arcade Bar donated tokens to be used as coins for flipping, and some discount cards for his venue. He was also the recipient of a gift certificate given out by our venue the Edge VR Arcade, who were amazing for us.


Speaking of prizes, Hank the Tank, Nelson79, and Punky QB all took home game consoles from Gamerztek, PunkyQB winning the consolation bracket to get his.



You can view the consolation bracket finals between PunkyQB and Player2 on The Retro Sports Gamer Youtube channel here.

Some notable Swiss group play moments, Nelson79 defeats Joeygats in Group Play 7-3, and DPS runs the table 6-0 in the group play stage, and of course the winning group play record held by Ahman Green, never having competed in an official tournament.

After consuming copious amounts of pizza courtesy of Dallaire Realty, and reasonably priced adult beverages, it was on to bracket play. Due to Internet problems, and the Challonge site being down, we did it the old fashioned way.

A round 1 stunner resulted in NMUFred knocking off Joeygats, leaving the field wild open. It also saw DKS take on Angryjay93, who is the two time defending King of 94 Sega Genesis champion, who joined us all the way from California. Despite the enormous marked improvements in his game in a short period of time, Angryjay93 was not able to be effective against the experience of DKS.


This game starts about the 6 minute 30 second mark.

On the Retro Sports Gamer Channel, Retrosportsgamer defeats Dundofinger. You can view that game here.

Moving on to the Elite 8, some big time matches featured Gats killer NMUFred vs DPS, DKS, vs Timpapi, Retrosportsgamer vs Applejacks, and Nelson79 vs JustinPeters51.




A memorable Eagles Giants matchup between Nelson79 and JustinPeters can be viewed about the 36 minute mark here. Nelson79 advances, as does Timpapi, DPS, and Retrosportsgamer

Moving onto the semifinals, we saw a matchups between Timpapi and Retrosportsgamer, and DPS and Nelson79.



Retrosportsgamer takes down Timpapi to advance to the finals. That game can be viewed at the 1 Hour 9 minute mark here.

Nelson79 knocks off the top seeded DPS, a game which was streamed on the Retro Sports Gamer Youtube channel.

Onto the finals between Retrosportsgamer and Nelson79. This was a game for the ages. There are two rules in Tecmo, no sex 9 months out from your favorite tournament, and get out of bounds. View this epic game here. Jump to the 1 hour 46 minute mark.


Ultimately, Nelson79 pulls another horseshoe out of his backside, winning the tournament named after his Tecmo handle.
His hands are raised in victory.


Catch the post tournament interview with the champ here.

In the 3rd place game, Timpapi takes down DPS, a game streamed on the Retro Sports Gamer Youtube channel here.

Final standings
1st place Nelson79
2nd place Retrosportsgamer
3rd place Timpapi
4th place DPS
Consolation bracket winner Punky QB

I have a number of big shout outs to thank some people.

1)Edge VR Arcade was an amazing and accommodating venue. Everything we needed was handled, including Internet, food, space, drink, and an exceptional side distraction. They were also instrumental in Ahman Green showing up. They also created our promo video, which I’m told was a big hit.
2)Ahman Green, giving us random aging men an opportunity to rub shoulders with a Packers great, all while treating us like equals.
3)Angryjay93 coming all the way from California, and lending his chops on the broadcast, as well as helping to setup the day before, and staying later for additional games.
4)Gamerztek for their sponsorship of consoles
5)Player 2 for their sponsorship donation
6)Dallaire Realty for the pizza hookup. We were well fed all day
7)PunkyQB for all the continued recruitment efforts
8)Retro Sports Gamer Tom and his channel for extended tournament coverage all day long
9)Everyone who made it a priority to spend their precious time with us
10)TGFN for their continued support

While we were originally expecting closer to 30 players, we had some drop outs within the final 24 hours leading up to the event, including some no shows. We know some of it was related to the Brewers making the NLCS, but we pressed on. The silver lining of this was that we were able to play additional group play games, as there was no waiting for systems to open up. We are proud of the effort we put on, and will continue to work hard to put on a fun event for those that choose to continue being a part of this great game we call Tecmo Super Bowl.