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R&S Z Fly coordinator series

20 Apr

I’m making a series of videos to show you how to coordinate your Tecmo game.  Very key to this is to understand how the computer covers pass plays.  How the blocking scheme’s work.   This set of videos leads to some advance concepts.  So it might be a longer watch but by the end you will understand Tecmo better.



Long Passes

18 Apr

More Tecno training. This episode helps you with that back and b offense. Roll up the garbage truck cause we are timing deep JJ’S for big plays.



Defend Weakside Open

17 Apr

The Tecmo training series continues and explores the best defenders against the run Weakside open.  Also included is a skmilsi run in the run 2 position with a big weakness.

Online Rookie League

11 Apr

As the commish of the Tecmo Players Championship I am happy to announce we will be sponsoring an online rookie league.  The league will be ran by Tecmo legend Joeygats.

I will sponsor the event with a prize for winning.  60-200 dollars depending on members.  For each person that signs up 10 dollars is added to the prize pool.  So we will need at least 6 and a maximum of 20.

To play in the league you must be new to online Tecmo.  Anyone that has played in any online league or is considered a D1 live player is not eligible.

More information to come.  The league will start this summer.


Monona, WI – 5/4/19 – Tag Team Tecmo

11 Apr

Just looking to keep the local embers glowing, please hit me up with any questions…

Monona Tecmo is looking to kick things off Saturday, May 4th at 11:30 am at Village Lanes in Monona, WI. We are all greatly missing Tecmo Madison, so let’s huddle up and play some games!

Our first event, Tag Team Tecmo, will be a very casual gathering. We hope to attract noobs, seasoned vets, and maybe even bring a an old legend or two out of retirement.

Tag Team Tecmo will pair players together on game day. No partner required! We want to team new players with vets, so the new players have a chance to learn something AND literally everyone has a chance at winning. Once teams have been assigned, sit down for a practice game with your partner before we start competitive play. In the event that an odd number of players are signed up, PunkyQB will leap over the top rope and get in the ring.

Before diving in much deeper, we are stressing the casual nature of this event. We literally have no idea how much interest this may generate, so don’t be surprised if the details change a little bit on game day.

Tag Team Tecmo. Players will be assigned two man teams. Each player must play half of the game. You can do this one of two ways: 1) One player plays offense and the other plays defense. 2) Play by quarters. Each player must play two quarters. Teams can split that however they like. If a game goes into Overtime, and the team selected quarters, either player can play the first Overtime, but the other player must play the second. This would continue to alternate until the game is won.

We’ll jerk the curtain with an opening round of group play. The size of groups and number of group play games will depend on turnout.

At the conclusion of group play, teams will be seeded for bracket play. If the number of entrants is small enough, bracket play will be double elimination. If we have too many players for double elimination, PunkyQB, will announce this prior to group play beginning. Bracket play will continue until one team takes the strap.

We will use the standard tournament rules that are used for the National Championships at Tundra Bowl.
The team that is player 1, will have to declare their roles first – quarters or offense/defense. Player 2 will declare their roles thereafter.

Ten dollars per player. This ten dollars can be paid in cash on the day of the event, or the money can be sent via PayPal using the Friends and Family option to Please include a note with your name/tag.


One hundred percent of the entry fee will be paid out. Payout amount(s) will be based on turnout. If there is enough turnout we will payout beyond the champion.

Go ahead and click attending if you’re game, but please complete this signup form:

Tecmo training back next week.

21 Mar

I’m busy with the fever.  I caught the March Madness.  Only cure is some more cowbell and a UB bulls national championship (sweet 16 birth).

After my epic trip to Tulsa, OK I will be back producing more training videos.  Till then I leave you with this classic.

Defending R&S sweep L

14 Mar

This video goes over the best positions to use against the play also known as Up and A.  Best defenders are db3,4 and lb3.  But players should become familiarize themselves with other positions.  LB4, DB2 and even Lb2, LB1 and DB1.  I even throw in some dl looks just in case you use them in coverage in certain matchups.


 Click here for video