Understanding Player Ratings

11 Jan

There are some important things to keep in mind when determining how good a player is.   Factors include meaningless stats, false representation of player two conditions and ranking the ratings in the right order.

QB’s  Most important rating PC.  Determines accuracy.  Used in catch, drop and interception calculations.  Minimum PC 44. Several teams high point is 38 and two teams have only 31 pc qb.

Second most important rating MS.  Faster the qb the better.  13 is standard, 6 slow.  Anything above 25 is golden.  All qb’s have a low BC when tackled.  Around 25 or 31.

Last but not least passing speed.  Too much decreases JJ’s and may cause inaccuracy.  Too little passing speed might also decrease accuracy.  Ideally you want between 44-63 ps.

APB only matters as the ball is released and still doesn’t do much.  PA is meaningless.

RB’s MS or maximum speed is the top speed each back can obtain.  The other important ratings are 38 rec and above for good pass catching.  94 hp and above to popcorn weak defenders.  The difference in fumbles between 81 BC and 50 BC is small.

RS higher than 38 is mostly useful in passing game but you might notice high rs and high ms guys to be quicker.  RS is initial speed.

WR, TE  MS is the most important stat.  Having 44 rs or more makes them quicker route runners.  Typically 44 rec is plenty but guys with super high rec 69+ get more JJ’s and coverage catches.

****A catch in tecmo is based on the odds of an equation using the qb pc and wr rec.  The defender value is 0 if wide open.  Otherwise the int of the defender comes into play on coverage passes.  If the qb is well above in pc than the db in int it increases the odds of a coverage catch.  Keep in mind in tecmo low percentage plays happen often so be careful abusing mismatches.*****

OL HP.  The only OL that ms matters for is OL5.  His MS determines kick returner speed.  38 ms and above are the great return teams.

DL HP and RP matter most.  MS is important but not as much since these players are rarely controlled.  For any defender having 56 hp is important to make it unlikely to be popcorned.  Teams with lots of HP seem to contain plays better.

LB MS/RP of 50 or more.  HP being higher helps but you mainly you want speed.  If they have 31 int or higher its a bonus for any non secondary player.

DB.  MS of 56 with RP of 50.  Int of 50 or more.  DB’s need to be faster than LB as you cover more ground with them.  Ideally you want one DB with the same or greater int than the qb’s PC number.  Quickness is meaningless.

****If the DB is four levels above the QB PC number the jj int is guaranteed. You just need to get into position for it.  If three levels there is still a small chance of JJ int.  For this to work you also have to learn to get into position and trick your opponent to throwing it at you.***

Kicker KA.  The more KA the more range.  AKB is meaningless.  the odds of a block kick are 1/5 when the cut screen comes up. 56 KA or more gives nice range.  Keep in mind that great kickers have slow meters and bad kickers have fast kicking meters.  At time this works against you as it takes longer to line up a slow meter.

Keep in mind as player two often there are false conditions that read out one level below where your players are.  So add 6 or 7 to what you see.  Also remember the tecmo scale.


Last but not least find your comfort zones.  For example in general you want a 44 pc qb.  However in many matchups 31 pc Tomzcak does great finding Neal Anderson in the pass game. Figure out what you need to win and what might cause you to lose.


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