TPC Prep: NO Matchups

9 Jan

Here is some of the reasoning behind my saints matchups


The JETS biggest weapon on defense is McMillian with 63 int.  Under normal conditions that will keep jj int to a minimum provided you use John Fourcade at QB.  The JETS are very weak at outside line backer.  The most susceptible team to the offset I form plays and Pitch Open L.  Finally the lack of a speedy stud will make it easier to contain the Jets with the saints defense.

NO vs GB

I choose this one over the matchup with Cleveland as there is more opportunities for Heyward to popcorn in the kick return game.  Also QB Browns is much higher in PC.  The lack of any fast players in the secondary should make the saints effective in the passing game.  Meanwhile with no fast DB the potential for Hilliard breaking one is very good.


I choose this matchup despite the much higher tier of Dal since Dal is the kind of team the saints do well against.  The only player above 50 ms is Emmitt.  The qb has 44 pc and the defense does not have a lot of int.  If your a player that doesn’t make a lot of mistakes this is the type of matchup that can frustrate an opponent.  I would much rather face them with the saints than the Phx safeties, Rison+Deion, or Pitt Defense.

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