TPC Prep: KC top Matchups

8 Jan


To help better prepare for the Players Championship I am making a series about top matchups.  Keep in mind these matchups are only three of many good options.  Also the matchups I choose are based on likely getting the team mentioned in the matchup.  In most tecmo super bowl tournaments one player calls the matchups.  The other player than takes first team choice.  This means it is likely the better team in the matchup will be taken.  Unless the intangibles of the lesser team outweigh the better team.

For KC I choose vs CHI, RAI and CIN.  If you want to play with KC I think these are teams that will be chosen instead of the chiefs.  My reasoning is Mark Carrier, Bo Jackson and David Fulcher.

KC vs CHI.  Chi gives you Neal Anderson and Johnny Bailey.  One should play rb and one should play wr.  Even with a 31 pc Tomzcak this forms a deadly tandem.  Add in the best secondary to slow down Paige.  Lots of hitting power to keep Okoye from popcorning the entire defense.  KC can still take advantage of the lack of speed of the Bears defense and the bad passes low pass control will still cause.

KC vs RAI  Bo Jackson has 75 ms.  Willie Gault is a beast.  However the QB’s are terrible.  Typically the love of Bo Jackson leads people to take the Raiders.  Over time I have found that DT and the front 7 will chop down Bo.  After that just make sure to not let the fast wr’s streak down the field.

KC vs CIN  The love of great DB’s often will have people take Cincinnati.  Fulcher is on an island by himself.  Boomer doesn’t have fast wr’s.  Run the ball well and shut down James Brooks to win this matchup.



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