TPC3 Matchups: banned teams

3 Jan

I’m going to do several videos designed to help you get ready for the Tecmo Players Championship. Due to the matchup limitations I will try to do three top matchups for each team.

First though I started with the banned teams. NE, IND, SEA, HOU, BUF, NYG and SF have a semi ban. They can’t be matched up against each other. But they can be used against the other teams.

This gives you a way to save some of your better matchup calls. One or two calls with these teams in group play that you feel comfortable with will at the very least save a better matchup. An added bonus if you win the game.

Here are my best bets.

Sea vs Cle
Sea vs GB

Both of these are 45/55 coin tosses that all you need is Kreig to have a good game to win.


Similar concept but the added bonus of Okoye popcorning most of the bills defense. Not to mention if DT and the boys shut down Thurman Thomas

Rai Hou

A challenge to see if you can outrun Warren Moon’s high flying run and shoot offense. The Chicago matchup will give you a great secondary to counter them. The LA matchup will give you a passing game with great wr’s.

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