QB Progression Shotgun Red Gun

3 Oct

In QB Progression I am going to break down plays and just tell you where to go and what to look for.  I’m going to break it down so the pass game starts to make sense

Keep this in mind. In tecmo you are at an advantage outside the pocket and running towards the line of scrimmage.  Dropping back limits your visibility, increases the flight time of the ball and cuts down on extreme angles.  Only drop back if you plan to jj for the endzone.

Now in redgun focus on rb1.  Learn to throw to him and the entire play will open up.

Also take some time to practice the top to bottom throw I demonstrate.  It will be key in keeping the defender honest.

Remember.  Just like a db reading a qb’s eyes a good human defender knows your options. Due to the arrow he knows your likely throws.  However, time is not his ally.  The more time you take the more likely you can move even the best human defenders out of position.

Here is a short version of the the t video.

Below is the full video.

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