Hardcore Tecmo Part 1

30 Jul

Hardcore Tecmo part one is a basic overview of the differences that happen when the game play rules are removed.  No nose tackle dive and we at rb.

In hardcore tecmo the nose tackle dive is a huge factor. Also know as the lurch.  38 Ms nt’s and higher are highly productive at the lurch.

Here is a list of NT’s by hardcore ability.

Gb Bob Nelson 38 Ms but 69 rp

50 Ms Pitt, NO

44 Ms Det, sd, dal, minn

38 Ms sf, ATL, phi, nyg, hou, Rams, wash, cin, phx, sea,

31 MS Rai, Cle, Mia, Buf, tb, den, jets

25 Ms kc, ind,NE

19 Ms chi

The best way to avoid this is a 19 Ms or 25 Ms QB.  Any QB at 25 or more Ms does not need to worry.  The second beat way is to use more shotgun plays.  The third way is to protect yourself with runs that are not suspectable to lurching.

The best plays for this are the r and S sweeps.  In general sweeps are immune to the lurch and up the middle is suspect.  Avoid the offset I playbook and the proform run up the middle.

Finally keep in mind some teams will get a tremendous running back upgrade.


The most note worthy upgrades are Houston, Atlanta, Miami, Rams, Philly, Minnesota and NE with a 44 Ms Marv cook who is not pictured.  (Pic of Tecmogeek.com).

Keep in mind teams like SF give up a lot to plug in Rice at RB but the danger of a 44 RS 69 MS Rice is almost as good as Bo Jackson.

Below is my first video going over hardcore tecmo.

Here is a short version you might s well call lurching 101.





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