Burn Routes

1 Jun

In Tecmo burn routes can occur when the drone defender does not properly cover a receiver.  This mainly happens just after the snap as the drone fails to properly cover.  Learning to recognize these patterns on both offense and defense can improve your tecmo game.

Qb’s with higher passing speed plus good pass control throw a better burn route.  A burn route is thrown on an angle. This way the defending drone doesn’t jump up and deflect the pass.

Typically you also want a faster receiver and it’s an extra bonus in your favor if they have more running speed.

Although not needed a mismatch against a corner or safety will help.  Yet that doesn’t mean it will happen.  Also even a great defensive back can be beat if it’s the computer is covering your target receiver.  What you ideally want to recognize is in this following video.

If you can recognize when the CPU controlled players is having a cramp.  It almost looks like he had his hands on his knees, bent over and panting.  Once you can recognize that and throw you will find it doesn’t matter who is covering if the pass is good.

In my offense I prefer the burn route up top to wr1.  But you can throw them down low as well.  Here is another few examples.

And a couple more

Now it’s not going to happen all the time.  Also bad qb’s with high passing speed can misthrow.  Ideally you want to have this at your disposal a few times game.  You also want to recognize it on defense so you can fill in coverage gaps.  Below is the full videos and it was frustrating trying to replicate.  Which is why I caution you that you may not see it at times. Then in other games it might be there all day.

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