JJ Int Drill

25 May

The JJ Int drill is designed to help learn the positions you need to be in to perform the JJ interception.

To quote Bruddog. An expert on how the game works first you have to meet these conditions.

” 1. The ball has to be at least 1/4 of the way to its final location.

2. Your player has to be determined “in on the play” aka locked. You shouldn’t be able to move him. This is the same logic that applies to whether your player can affect the outcome of a pass

3. There is window of number of frames remaining in the pass animation where the player can jump.

4. The player has to be within the jump limits. The jump also cant put him way past the ball.

5. Then there is the skill value check. 3 notches above the pc = 50% chance. 4 notches = 100%”

That last part is key. It will just be a deflection without the three and preferably 4 notch advantage.

When I do it I try to be half way or a little more than half way for a stationary target. If you get too close your defender will lock on and dive or lock on and run to the ball.

You need to be in line with the receiver and QB. Their is a little leeway but go for a straight line. At the release of the ball you want to be moving slightly. You will know it had been done right when you lose control of your guy and he jumps

If you don’t lose control or if you lose control for a different action you just missed.

The cool thing is the following video will allow you to practice it. Both against moving and stationary targets. Just plug in Carlson for Moon and be McMillan on the Jets.

With your offense controller just press the button to throw. With your defensive controller run into the right position to JJ Int. If you use the book I use in the video you can practice against two stationary targets, a target moving at the top of the screen and one at the bottom of the screen.

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