Two new training videos 3/11/2019

11 Mar

I had some time last night and this morning to add two new videos. A basic drill on running the ball. Plus how to defend another play.

Defend t power dive

When defending t power dive I showed several techniques and will list which technique is best for a respective team.
SF lb4
Buf lb4
Hou lb4
Nyg lb 1,2,3
Kc lb1,2,3
Rai lb3, db2
Phi lb2
Chi lb3
Cin lb1, contain with Fulcher
Det lb1, nt
Sd db2, lb1, nt
Minn db2, lb2, nt, lb1
Mia lb3
Wash db2
Den lb4, lb2, lb1
TB contain with haddix
Rams lb4
Pitt 1b1,lb2,lb3, db2, nt, contain with Wolfson
Dal db2, lb2
Phx 1b1 or contain with either safety.
Jets lb2, lb3, contain with McMillan
Atl contain with Sanders
NO lb1, lb2, lb3, nt, db2
GB nt, lb1
Cle db2, lb3
Sea db2
NE. Db2, lb1
Ind good luck with whatever player used.

Long runs

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