Tecmo Player Profile’s

28 Feb

These are the some of the people that make up the tecmo community.  Below is each players bio in there own words.  The player are listed in alphabetical order.  Tournament directors, league commissioners and certain notables are listed first.  New players are welcome and encouraged to read this and use this as a chance to introduce yourself.

  Email yours to fbuennagel@gmail.com or post http://tecmoworld.com/viewtopic.php?f=1118&t=47996


1.Name Christopher H.
2.Tecmo handle Tecmo Ninja online for last 8 years?
3. Not really on youtube or twitch
4.Tournaments, Leagues your organize or co organize. CULT (defunct) run and organize get togethers or small tourneys at my restaurant and north east ohio area
5 location Garrettsville Ohio
6. Your best tecmo accomplishments. I’ve had some top 8 and top 4 at midwest and Columbus. I feel like I’m a solid tier 2 player that can compete with the best.
7. Why you would recommend playing at a tecmo super bowl tournament or watching one via live stream. There’s nothing like live tournaments. The comradery is unparalleled. My best friends are ones I’ve met via tecmo. It’s great to hang out with guys my age that share the same passion for retro sports and games.


1. Dan S
2.Tecmo Handle Dan S. 2013 – DPS 2017
3.YouTube/twitch channel YouTube TheRetroSportsGamer
4. Participant Dmen Tap Tecmo League
5. Chicago, IL
6. 3rd place Tecmo Milwaukee 2018 & Bloomington Tecmo XVI 4th place Full Nelson (A Hardcore Tournament). Many more to come.
7. I first learned about Tecmo tournaments from listening to ESPN 1000. I waited a few years before I attended my first Tecmo Madison. I wished I hadn’t. It was such an amazing experience. I’ve met some of my best friends from Tecmo. Now I play every single Monday with them at a bar in Chicago. This is what life is all about.


David Thompson here, my handle is D.T. @TecmoSeattle

I represent the PNW and CFT. If there has been a tournament in Seattle or Portland since 2016 it was probably my doing. If you are looking for Tecmo in the NW, get at me. I also co-ran the legendary Buffalo Bounty IV.

Current #2 ranked player (in a metric I devised) in the PNW. I took the first Seattle Tecmo Honbasho this January. 2015 PNW Champion. Buffalo Bounty III (2015) Champion. 2018 Madison NBA Jam 2 on 2 Co-Champ. 2014 Buffalo The Edge 103.3 CHAMP! 1990 WTF (online) Champion.

I play Tecmo Super Bowl for the love of the game. I am not just a retro gamer. I love and appreciate all the new stuff. Tecmo just still has yet to be beaten. It’s genius is its depth, but also its wackiness. My first tournament was October 2012 in NYC. I had a blast so I kept finding tourneys to go to. Getting to know Mort and Lou and understanding their passion for Tecmo pushed me to want to be one of the best. Getting a chance to battle with them while living in Buffalo and the endless competitions with my buddy Darren from my hometown Bremerton, WA elevated my game to elite status. My trademark is my refusal to run anything resembling a conventional playbook. My favorite Tecmo experience was Madison Caravan 2016.

I love the competition, but the best part about this is hanging with all the characters in the Tecmo Community. Online Tecmo is great, but live tourneys are the best. Mort will always be the GOAT of Tecmo for me due to his contributions to the game, his willingness to travel to events near and far, how often he seemingly gets some random bit of luck to come his way at the perfect moment, and his propensity to drop quotables… him or Gayge

Long Live Tecmo


1.  Derek R.

2.  tecmopsycho or FrozenSith (live 2010-present / online 2010-2016)

3.  YouTube Channel:  https://www.youtube.com/user/tecmopsycho

Twitch Channel:


4. I assist with the Midwest Tecmo Tournament, I created and ran four seasons of Money in the Bank (MIB) – DEFUNCT and created and ran four seasons of Tecmo Team Cup (TTC) – DEFUNCT

5.  Indianapolis, IN

6. Live Championships: Tecmo Madison XI, NYC Tecmo 2015, and Blono Tecmo XIV.  Online Championships: HSTL Season 21 and MIB Season 2. Live Runner-Up: Blono Tecmo XV, Blono Tecmo XVI, Midwest Tecmo VIII, and 2018 Cincinnati Championships.  Seven final four appearances, including three consecutive third place finishes at Midwest Tecmo. Several online league single season records including most INTs, passing yards, rushing yards, receiving yards, and receiving TDs.

7. I would recommend playing in live Tecmo Super Bowl tournaments to meet new people who share a common interest in a nostalgic pastime.  I would attend or watch these tournaments so you can see where you stack up against some of the best in the world. I would encourage people to watch online because it is no different than watching anyone one-on-one sporting event.


Erik Merliss
ARNCO-EM online handle

Online player since 2007 – CT Tecmo event founder
CT Tecmo is always first Saturday of December ( CT Tecmo on Facebook)

Online league championships:
WTF (2x), GTFO (2x), TTL, ESTL, & 4x TCS Bowl champion

Live tournament accomplishments:

CT Tecmo 2 & 3 Champion

NYC 1 Champion (2nd, 3rd, & 4th place finisher as well)

Jersey Cup 2 Champion

Hartford CT Retro Convention 1 Champion

Madison World Championships: 5x Sweet 16

ARNCO- EM Revolutionized the modern tapping game  of Tecmo having gone from below average (10 on the tapping meter) to the fastest after figuring out 2 new techniques on his own.
First the “slide” method while in Madison WI at hotel w/ several Madison contestants present – 10 on meter went to a consistent 17 maxing out at 19.
After mastering the slide technique took it to another level By mastering  in the “claw” method. The Claw method had to be adjusted to work for TSB from the Track & Field as Track & Field holds that controller sideways.
Since arnco-em developed this method has hit 22 & 23s on the tap meter – as well as been accused of using turbo controller, only to show up at live events & showcase the tapping skills in person to clear his name / reputation to the Tecmo community.

Being one that is always willing to assist others & to promote TSB he taught the claw method to fellow players turBO & Tadaos who are both considered the fastest tappers now too w ea hitting 19-20 regularly & occasional 22 & even 23s.

A consistent online winning record in every league he’s involved in & contender at live tournies that’s developed into a threat to take home 1st place at any tournament registers for.

Rivalries w/ Matt DeGeorge, turBO aka Oklahoma BO,/Rob Odonell, tadaos & Brian Rausse at live events continue to put on a show for spectators at each event.


Name: Francis B.
Handle: Mort (2002)
Channels :YouTube RetroSportsgamer
Twitch: RetroSportsgamertom
Dmen tap tecmo league (live league)
Tecmo Players Championship
Buffalo bounty co organize (defunct)
#1TFL(defunct online league also known as ATA, OTFL Pool 4)
Hometown: Chicago IL
Tecmo Accomplishments: winner of tecmo Madison 6. Featured in the NFL films tecmo documentary of tecmo Madison. Most traveled and accomplished live player. Has played in over 100 events and 20 plus tournament crowns.
Why you should play/watch:
Tecmo super bowl tournaments feature a great crowd of gamers who are normal easy going people. You will have great fun at any tecmo event. At the same time the high end players can put on a show worth a few hours viewing on a Saturday evening.


Name= Louis B.
Handle= Red98sethuthut
Tournaments= Co-ran Buffalo Bounty ( defunct )
Hometown= Buffalo Ny
Tecmo Accomplishments: Winner of TundraBowl V ( Tundra Bowl V ) , Columbus Tupa Bowl III, Buffalo Bounty II and i’m forever known as Mort’s bro!!!!,
Why you should play or watch: Tsb, Nhl94 or Nba Jam or whatever retro gaming tournaments feature a great crowd of gamers who i have experienced life long friendships with. No matter your skill level you will have loads fun watching , playing or drinking ( wink wink )
1. Josh A. – retired online (2012-2017), still active live when schedule permits.
2. coconuts
3. No YouTube or Twitch
4. No tourneys organized.
5. Oshkosh, WI
6. Tecmo Madison XI runner up, Tundra Bowl 3 Champ, Tecmo Milwaukee 2 champ, Online – Last WTF:Retro champ, $100 TPC tourney winner, Thunderdome runner up, couple of NTF titles, and a few runner-ups in leagues. Made Elite 8 at Tecmo Madison 3 times out of 6 years.
7. There’s nothing like getting together with random people screaming at the screens cheering. Also – the camaraderie is second to none.
1. Matt O’Toole
2. LuckyTool / Toolie – Online since 2010
3. https://www.twitch.tv/luckytool (and sometimes tecmodetroit)
4. Detroit Tecmo Kumite (w/ Eric O. and Joe M.), High Speed Retro League (defunct), Hillsdale College 28-man league (defunct)
5 Grand Blanc, MI (near Flint)
6. Running the 28-man league in college was insanely fun. Differing skill levels of players made it work. Won HSTL three seasons in a row, ran my own online league for five seasons (w/ help from others such as brookstonfowler), 2nd place in Madison Tecmo VI, two-time Kumite champ.
7. Guys in the Tecmo community are cool and though the competition gets intense it remains friendly. The top players in the community do a good job of reinforcing this and it rubs off on newcomers. Attending live tournaments and participating through watching / communicating on streams gives guys of our generation a chance to enjoy the games that we grew up with and gives younger gamers a chance to experience what gaming used to be like.

1. Tom Stahnke
2. Retro Sports Gamer / allamerican1569
3. Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/theretrosportsgamer
Twitch – https://www.twitch.tv/retrosportsgamertom
4. Hardcore Championship, Equalizer, DMen Tap Tecmo League
5 Chicago, IL
6. Ranked #1 on TPC online in 2010 heading into Tecmo Madison 6. Won 12 of 13 Family Tecmo Tournaments. All in 2018, 4th Place Blono Tecmo, 3rd Place Hardcore Championship, 2nd Place Full Nelson Hardcore, Winning record in group play in first ever Tecmo Players Championship, Won Midwest Tecmo Satellite Tournament.
7. Playing live is incredible. The nostalgia and beer drinking is next level. It’s a great group of guys that want to have a good time while playing the most dynamic sports game of an era. There’s a lot of great reasons to watch a live stream including learning to play the game at an elite level, the excitement of the unexpected to happen in Tecmo, the players while mic’d up can be hilarious, the engagement the live streams provide with the chat, and to hear some insightful commentary from time to time.


1.Troy F(aka Troy GBLAN)
3.twitch.tv/trojan1979, sometimes broadcast on twitch.tv/tgfnretro, Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6Qndj … subscriber
4. I run the GBLAN and Edge of 94 WI Tecmo and NHL94 tournaments. I also organize an online Tecmo Super Bowl tournament each Spring, typically April
5 Green Bay, WI
6. I handed Joeygats his first ever Tundra Bowl defeat in 2018. I went 6-5 in group play during the 2018 TPC taking down Nos, Mort, Flo, DPS, Hank, and Toolie in group play.
7. If you like Tecmo Super Bowl, there is an incredible world ahead of you. First comes the shock of realizing that despite your ability against the computer, and your friends back in the day, it’s likely that you will struggle to stay within 2-3 scores of any seasoned player. After the dose of humble pie, comes learning, studying, experimentation, and finally, success. Getting your first win against an opponent of note is as addictive as LT’s cocaine. You will make friends, anticipate the dates for your favorite events, and plan your year around them. Congratulations on your new addiction!


1. Hank D.
2. Hankthetank 2014
5. Green Bay, WI
6. Beating various top level players in tournaments Mort, TecmoBo, Toolie, GreenMajik, DPS, The Gamer, Rico, etc.
7. Tecmo has a very high nostalgic value for many if you enjoyed playing in the past you will likely enjoy playing now if you are new many tournaments are adapting a B league where you don’t have to play the top talent. If you want to eventually become a top player it’s also a great learning experience. Many players including myself enjoy teaching new players the finer points of the game.


Name: Jordan Willis
Handle:Woodshed (2013)
Best accomplishments: Champion Tecmo Cleveland 2018,
Final four appearances at Tecmo Cleveland, Midwest Tecmo and Tupa Bowl, 5th place at Tundra Bowl 2019, 1/2 of the premier Tecmo parody band Imagine Grogans.
Why Tecmo: As much as I love the game, it’s the community that’s been built that keeps me playing. I’ve met some of the best people traveling around and playing tournaments. There’s nothing like sitting in a room with a bunch of middle aged men, drinking beer and playing this almost 30 year old Nintendo game. The description does it no justice, it’s one of those things you have to experience.
1. Kevin S.
2. tadaos – est 2007
3. https://www.twitch.tv/tadaos and https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-V3c3 … 41wgFGfffA
4. HSTL, WTF2, TTL, 2K, CT Tourney, NYC Tourney, other various regional tournaments that I can get to
5. Stratford, CT
6. 2017 New York City & Fishkill NY TSB Tournament Champion
2014 Connecticut Cuban Bowl TSB Tournament Champion
WTF Champion – 2009 Eagles, 2020 Bills
HSTL Season 19, 23 Super Bowl Runner Up
2013 Philadelphia Tournament Runner Up
2013, 2018 NYC Tournament Final Four
2017 Long Island Retro TSB Tournament Final Four
2012 Midwest Tournament Elite 8
2018 Madison Tournament Gold Bracket Round of 32
7. Nothing like the camaraderie of the live tournament! The atmosphere is always amazing, the beer in flowing, and everyone is there to kick back and compete. The pressure is such a different animal than playing online. There’s no pressure playing at home in your man cave but when everyone is watching and the crowd is into it there is nothing like it! The players are usually very friendly and we all share the common bond of being obsessed with a game that’s almost 30 years old now. Online streams are getting better but no one has a more entertaining stream than yours truly so check it out I’m always adding new videos and playing live games w/commentary!
1.Name Pete S.
2.Tecmo handle since Pistolpete 2018
3.YouTube/twitch channel The Retro Sports Gamer(Toms page)
4.Tournaments, Leagues your organize or co organize. NA

5. Location-Hoffman Estates
6. Your best tecmo accomplishments. Winning the Kumite satellite tourney going undefeated. Almost beating Tecmo Psycho. Not losing to Mort yet(2 games played; won with major handicap) Overall, playing competitive in all tourneys so far as a newb.
7. Why you would recommend playing at a tecmo super bowl tournament or watching one via live stream. TSB is simple enough for any beginner, yet complex enough for any seasoned vet, making the replay value unlimited. It never gets old. The tourneys are exciting, challenging, and a place to hang/meet new friends. Not alot of pressure or “bad guys” either- everyone is nice and fair and low key thus far.
Name: Troy E
Handle: NMUFred (2014)
Hometown: Appleton, WI
Tecmo Accomplishments: Top 16 at Tundra Bowl 2018, underdog wins over several top players in various tournaments.
Why you should play/watch: It’s a fun time to play classic games with other people, it’s competitive, but friendly. Fun day to always look forward to, always a tournament in the midwest on the near horizon. Never know what may happen in a game, always expect the unexpected.

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