A playbook for each defensive back.

9 Oct

Recently I’ve been experimenting with playbooks trying to make run 1, 2 and 4 more effective. What I came up with this. Certain plays are strong against some defenders and weaker against others. So why not have a playbook approach designed for each defensive back. Here is the playbook approach I am experimenting with. Then I am going to expand and experiment to match a playbook against each defense.

Let’s start with DB1. The top cornerback.

New Doc 2018-10-08 16.26.59_5

New Doc 2018-10-08 16.26.59_3

The nice think about the second playbook is it takes out a strong LB1 at the same time.

Feel free to substitute on run 2, run 4 and pass 4 if you are better with different plays.

DB 2 bottom cornerback
New Doc 2018-10-08 16.43.18_1

This playbook is weak against lb1. You might want to consider this playbook for teams like SD and NE.

New Doc 2018-10-08 16.26.59_4

DB 3 top safety

New Doc 2018-10-08 16.43.18_4

Now this is a new thing I am noticing in this playbook. These three motion runs can create blockers that follow the free safety. If you’re not comfortable with the plays try the DB 4 playbook.

DB 4 bottom safety

New Doc 2018-10-08 16.43.18_2

I love on run 1 that one blocker will cut back and block the safety if he comes in to early.


One Response to “A playbook for each defensive back.”

  1. DPS October 10, 2018 at 9:34 am #

    Mort this is great. As someone who has been slightly playing with my playbook for a while with let’s say mixed results. I feel having this guide is really helpful and pushes me to fight through my hardships and stop getting complacent. Love this.

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