Live at Dmen tap Oct 7th

8 Oct

Hey guys. Forgot to update a couple times live as I was busy updating the league. Here are a few notes about my games.

Ind vs Det

Like most league games I’m overpower by the offenses and defense I face. The key is contain, guess plays and luck. In this game I made a nice int but should have not let it go to overtime. It’s hard to have faith in the colts offesne. Which is why I go for it on the 4th down. Lesson learned. Punt the ball folks.

Jets vs Ind

My second game on stream was probably my most important game of the year. The key to winning as the colts is guessing plays early. With that I was able to force an early turnover on downs. Momentum didn’t vanish on me this game. My running and disciplined play call wore down the Jets defense. Securing a win that is key to my season.

PHX vs CLE hardcore

If you want a tip for hardcore tecmo here is one. No pro form runs up the middle. Again key to winning was getting a great start. I withstood a furious comeback and then scored last.

TB vs Minn hardcore

Tecmo is a fun game when everything goes your right. I once was quoted saying “I’ve been waiting all day to try that move”. That move was using DB2 tob ambush r and s sweep right. It’s hit or miss. In this game it was there every time I went for it. Having AC and whiskey Wade in good helps too.


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