Live at Dmen tap. Mon Oct 1st 2018

2 Oct

Ok it’s almost 5 pm in Chicago and we are about to get some tecmo in
Tom and I should be on stream soon.

DPS and Tom are playing a hardcore matchup while I get a few things ready. Recently I’ve noticed my game on offense is getting stagnate. That’s why today I want to play around with some different playbooks in non hard core games. I will soon be in game one and leave you some observations on that game.

Dal vs jets. DPS takes a win in a sloppy played game. My strategy was to use pro-form plays to force Dan to utilize his running backs. However his defensive backs provided excellent drone coverage negating the advantage I was seeking. Unfamiliarity with the plays led to an early int. I did gain good ground running but needed faster running backs.

On defense I played a great game. I successfully rotated between 3 defensive strategies. The first one was to guess pass and cover with McMillan and Clifton. This led to two user picks.
The second defense was to guess run 3 and rely on drone help on the run and shoot passes. This left to openings on shotgun which Dan exploited for a big gain down the field.

Vs Brian. Houston vs NE

Going into this mismatch I knew I had to cover with lipper one on one with his receivers to have a chance. Using this and a run heavy approach gave me a solid start. Funny how even in excellent Grogan was useless. At half missed a jj attempt to a wide open Cook.

Brian would get the 1 in 500 player 2 onside kick. Then I would bungle onto a wild overtime sequence. Overall this was a good performance for Brian. He has come a long way since a 94-0 drubbing in the hardcore tourney.

Vs Tom Det vs Philly

Chose Detroit to practice more with pro form. What surprised me was being unable to hit deep routes against a slow Philadelphia secondary.
So far the play book is most effective for runs and short passes. All the runs have been hot. However pass 1 and 3 leave a lot to be desired. My next game I plan to use different plays for pass 1 and pass 3. Keep the 4 runs and try it out.

Game 4 league game vs Matt rai vs ind

I was helped tremendously in this game by Bickket going into excellent. With this conditioning change I was able to contain Bo Jackson.


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