Team Review: San Francisco 49ers

29 Mar

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers went 14-2 in 1990 and lost in the NFC championship to the eventual super bowl champion Giants. The next year they would miss the playoffs with a 10-6 record. The 49ers dominated the 80’s and Tecmo super bowl. They are the best team in the game and almost unstoppable. Don’t call the 49ers in any matchup in tecmo Madison. You never get them and it never works out.

Key Players (for entire roster go to
QB Joe Montana 19 MS 81 PC
RB Roger Craig 50 MS 44 REC
RB Tom Rathman 25 MS 94 HP 56 REC
WR Jerry Rice 69 MS 81 REC 81 BC
WR John Taylor 50 ms 63 REC
TE Brent Jones 38 ms 69 HP
LB Bill Romanowski 44 RP 50 MS 50 HP
LB Matt Millen 50 MS 31 INT
LB Charles Haley 50 Rp 56 MS 63 HP can do linebacker 4 lurch
Db Ronnie Lott 56 RP 69 MS 50 INT
DB Dave Waymer 50 RP 63 MS 69 INT

Team strength: Passing. Joe Montana to Jerry Rice is almost unstoppable. Pass defense and a good lb4. Solid players on both sides of the balls besides the stud players.
Team weakness: Roger Craig only has 50 ms. Jerry Rice will drop 1 out of 10 balls.

Best matchups.
Vs NYG, Hou
Other possibilities
Stretching it
Watch the video below as we go further in depth on the 49ers.


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