Training videos

20 Mar

I’m posting a couple videos that I think will help you get better for Madison.  First is on Tom and I made last week.  It had some play by play anylsis and more.

Next up


I’ve been following Trojan up in Green Bay for a few weeks.  I really like how he is doing analysis with his streaming.  It really forces him to admit to mistakes and try to find better strategies.

In this game I noticed a lot of improvement compared to a few weeks ago.  The main improvement is Trojan is guessing pass more often on defense.  Slowly but surely learning to contain runs on his own.  Which was something I had mentioned when reviewing an earlier game.

I highly recommend you follow him if you’re training for Madison and are new at this. Watch several of his games and you will get an ideal of what you need to break into the win column at these tournaments.


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