Team Review Detroit Lions

2 Mar

(Detroit Lions
Part of an ongoing project to do a write up each team in Tecmo
Thanks to Tom (The Retro Sports Gamer) for doing the videos.  Please give me some feedback on the write up and video.  Also follow Tom’s channel as we broadcast these live.  Next Wednesday we will review Minn and TB if time allows us to do two again.  I want to keep the write up short but have the key information.

The 1990 Detroit Lions featured in TSB went 6-10 and then won the NFC Central in 1991 with a 12-4 record. They featured Barry Sanders who is in goat conversations for the RB position. Barry is the second best RB in tecmo and it’s hard to stop the Det offense when Barry, Rodney Peete and Mel Gray get in a groove.
Key players

(for entire roster go to

QB Rodney Peete 31 Ms and 44 PC
QB Andre Ware 25 Ms but 38 pc
RB Barry Sanders 69 Ms
RB Mel Gray 56 Ms
WR Richard Johnson 75 rec but only 19 Ms
DL Jerry Ball 69 hp
LB Michael Cover 50 to 56 Ms, 50 hp
LB Chris Spielman 44 rp, 50 ms, 56 HP
DB William White 44 rp 56 Ms 56 HP 56 int
Team strength running the ball, QB mobility and several usable defenders.
Team weaknesses lots of bad drones, weak ol, bad kicker, low QB PC, very little HP in skill positions on offense and slow wr core.
Best matchups.
Vs Minn, Mia, Rams, Wash, Cin
Other possibilities
Den, TB, Dal, Phi
Stretching it
Oak, Chi, Pitt
Watch the video below as we go further in depth on the Lions.



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