Film review. Trojan1979 vs madtownspliff

23 Feb

As I stated in my last article I  am going to do everything I can to help people improve.  Thankfully Troy who runs great Tecmo and NHL 94 tourneys has agreed to share some film for review.

@trojanvoice is Troy’s twitter.  Troy is holding a tourney tomorrow night in Green bay.  Games will be streamed in high def if you cannot make it.

Now this is a practice game on tpc between two online players. It’s not a title game or epic matchup which makes it perfect to review. My first impression is both players can become much better and quicker than they might have thought possible.

I will start with madtwonspliff and his chiefs. It’s always easier to make a breakdown after a loss. The mistakes are easier to see. The playbook was good but had one flaw that helped Miami. There was no significant run play in the same formation as a pass play. R and s Swee right would have made life far more difficult for Miami. That way the defender is thinking about run defense at the snap. It’s a lot easier to defend a play when you know what is coming. If he didn’t like the sweep there are several good passes to match formation with his run plays.
Next a little too much DT. There was no point being DT against singlesetback plays. Mia had two runs in the formation and both attacked DT. This would have been a great time to use the safeties to contain the run plays.
Finally a bit more decisiveness in the pass game. At times Madtown hesitated. Yet besides that he executed well on offense. He passed and ran for good yardage throughout the game. With a little better timing in the red zone this would have been a much closer game.

Now a to Miami they did a lot right. Troy has a very solid game. He is a bit aggressive but with Marino throwing well it’s a good thing. His challenge is to be just as decisive in his decision making with a lesser QB or better opponent. The key to being a great passer is making a quick decision and being right everytime.
Troy could also mix up the playbook for more deception by matching formations with pass and run plays. You can tell Troy has an advanced game as he recognizes when his wr has burned a drone. Now his challenge is to take advantage of that with lesser qb’s when mistakes equal turnovers.
As a very good player Troy could get better by taking a lesser team in the matchup in a future rematch or in another pick up game where he has the advantage.
Yet also take confidence he has the skills and tools to eventually be a top player.
Anyways that is what I got. Feel free to watch and make your own comments below.

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