Tecmo Training

21 Feb

It’s about 6 weeks to Tecmo Madison and it’s time to start getting ready. Hopefully your lucky enough to have a sparring partner or two. Of course you have the blog and online tecmo. Warm up events as well like Detroit’s Tecmo Kumite on Mar 4th.
Yet that’s not enough. The problem is what if you hate playing online. Or perhaps your buddy moved 700 or 3000 miles away. Also there are some of us that think online tecmo sucks. Which brings us right back to the problem. How do you improve your game for the big event.
I can do two things to help if you want to improve your game. For Madison, for any other tournament or just local bragging rights. If you live around the Chicago area you can practice with me. Just email me at fbuennagel@gmail.com, private message me on the board (mort1237), add me on Facebook or just txt me 7163926900.
Now if you live further away I can still help. This can be done by breaking down game film if you have any. I will look at it and go over ways you can improve. Even better if you can record your practice or stream your practice. That way I can offer my advise in real time.
Finally if your already a really good player you can help others improve. Depending on your free time or availability. There are tremendous advantages as this can help improve tournament attendance at our other events throughout the year.
This is going to eventually be a year round project where I post my break downs on the blog and YouTube. This way it should dramatically increase the film available for training purposes.

USB to audio visual hookups are very inexpensive as the above link shows.

Also the breakdowns will be posted on the blog to allow others to learn and comment on your game play.


2 Responses to “Tecmo Training”

  1. DT February 21, 2017 at 6:52 pm #

    I was a very good Tecmo Super Bowl with a solid grasp of x’s and o’s and game concepts, but after attending the School of Mort in Cheektowaga, NY, I became a Tecmo Super Bowl CHAMPION with ammunition to defeat any opponent on the 8 bit gridiron. Mort’s tactical knowledge is deeper than a Willie Gault go route. Thanks Francis!

  2. red98sethuthut February 21, 2017 at 7:22 pm #

    Nice one thing i do when i do not have live practice partner use quick save states to practice fundamentals ( Like Lb4 Lurch ), Practice Fg’s, Practice Cross Diagonal Pases and timing Jj’s.

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