Top 20 Matchups In TSB (This is a contest read below)

15 Mar

Last year for the Buffalo Bounty tournament I introduced the match-up card system.  This year I want to make this system work better.  The basic goal of the match-up cards was to take away the disadvantage of choosing match-ups.  It was also designed to remove some of the headache of picking match-ups.  Those two goals where achieved however, new problems became apparent.

The variety of match-ups used is the only way to make a system like this fair.  However, some match-ups are more attractive to the eye than other match-ups.   Yet no match-up used was so unfair that it should be removed.  As I had early posted it stuck to this list.

I had hoped a large variety of match-ups would be fair however not all match ups are as even as other.  You could say that is a list of playable match-ups that could be called.  It does not mean they should be called.  A lot of the controversy revolved around the Dal vs. Rams match-up.  Which is a tough game.  Yet one Dallas should be able to do well in on offense.  I am a firm believer that to be a true champion a player should face some adversity at least once on his way to a title.

In the title match I intentionally choose this match-up as the Rams had been winning it all day.  I wanted to show that Dallas could win the game.  Furthermore due to some sort of quirk of luck Jason Palazzo had the amazing luck of not only getting this match-up but also getting the Rams each time.  Keep in mind each match-up is on two cards.  On one card Rams is player 1 and the other the Rams are player 2.

Although I did win the game I did not think that win solved the problem.  It merely proved that the game could be won by Dallas.  Yet when looking back at the cards there where too many cards that are on the edge of a fair match-up.  Then I came up with a solution.  If I knew the top twenty match-ups in TSB I could add additional cards on those match-ups.  It would make it more likely that a game was played on a closer match-up.  However it would also not take away the challenge of being at a minor disadvantage.  I still feel quite strongly that facing adversity (not the online player although he is quite tough online or live) is a test of a true champion that should be out there.


Anyways what I need is your list of the top twenty match-ups in Tecmo Super Bowl.  You can explain if you want to or not.  You can submit them in a comment on this blog, the post for this topic on or email them to me at  This will be a contest.  The person that submits a list that is closest to the aggregate list will win the prize.  The prize will be one free entry into the Buffalo Bounty Tournament being held in Cheektowaga, NY in May. (If you can’t make it I will hold it for a future tourney for those I consider in range. For those out of range of my tourney I will put $20 bucks to another event for you.)

Your entry should look like this.  A list of match-ups 1-20.

For example.
Your name and online handle or email address
your general location. (City or State you live in)
1. Dal vs phx
2. sd vs minn
…………….(the other 16 in order)
19. Nyj vs Ari
20. Dal vs Den

Bonus. Should we ban Montana and Rice to make SF a viable team in tourneys.  If so name three teams you would match-up the Young to Taylor 49ers with.  Best choices will win in event of a tie.
Any comments you would like to make about your selections put below the list. Maybe even reasons why you did not include certain matchups. Please number them. Don’t put the same match-up down twice. Even if you already paid for the tourney you can still win. There is a bonus question for tie breaker.

This contest will run from now to Sat April the 12th at midnight eastern time. One entry per player. Below I have a few choice selections to give you an ideal or two.

Phx vs Dal

This has been a title match up in several tourneys I have played in. Phoenix just seems to have the right combination of players to produce an even game with Dallas.


A matchup of great running backs. One side gets a mobile qb and the other one has Gill Byrd.


Another great match-up. Both sides have great defenses. Passing attack of AC up against the running of Butts.

KC vs Chi

This match-up features two strong defenses. KC is more balanced on defense yet Chicago has got the big offensive weapons.

Mia vs KC

Miami seems to have a magic formula for coverage catches that can put them on the same level as KC. At the same time the Mia defense is well designed to go against Deberg to Paige.


It might be more of a toilet bowl but it is a pretty fair match-up call. This one comes down to garbage a lot

Pitt vs Dal

Defense versus offense in this match-up. If you can get anything out of the Pitt offense you will probably win. Yet at times you can get nothing out of that sorry group.

NYj vs NO

The championship game of Tecmo 6. The Saints running game and special teams are well designed to challenge a good NYJ defense. On the other side of the coin the Saints D has a lot of options.

Bills VS Hou, Bills Vs Giants, Giants vs Houston

If you want to bust out the top teams all of these matchups are viable.

OAk vs CIn, Oak vs Chi, Cin vs Chi

Another triangle of good matchups. Lots of running in these. Lots of defense as well.

Wash vs Minn, Wash vs TB, wash vs rams, rams vs tb

A series of great mid level passing games.

Den vs Dal, Den vs Sd, Den vs Pitt, Den vs TB, Den vs, Wash, DEN vs det

If your good with Denver these are for you.

Cle vs Pitt, Cle vs Atl, Cle vs ari, cle vs dal, cle vs tb, gb vs cle

Its all about what can QB Browns do for you.

Gb vs No, cin vs det, nyj vs ari, atl vs jets, chi vs phi, ne vs (sea or Ind), mia vs cin,

best of the rest.

3 Responses to “Top 20 Matchups In TSB (This is a contest read below)”

  1. James Colby March 21, 2014 at 8:55 pm #

    Ok Mort…i got 20 match ups that are “fair” … im gonna do my best to pick a few from each level of team….best teams vrs best teams….on down through to terrible teams.

    email ”
    online name… tecdaddy …but i havn’t used it in years lol…so here we go.
    top teams…obv but i’ll give em’ to ya anyway.

    i feel any of these match up cards are fair, the only one i feel uncomfortable with is the San Fran Buffalo one. But buffalo is the only team ya have a small chance agaist rice w. Houston doent have as good a defense so I but them a click below both buff and san fran…but as some guys want to see san fran in a tournemet im giving you in my opinion the only team that has a chance to hang w san fran.

    elite –
    1.) San Francisco 49ers vrs Buffalo Bills “san fran does have the edge w rice / montana”

    top teams – fun match ups ! – scoring power houses
    2.) Houston Oilers vrs Philly
    3.) Los Angeles Raiders vrs Philly

    great teams – can score…
    4.) Los Angelas Rams vrs Detroit Lions
    5.) New York Giants vrs Broncos

    good teams – good match ups…interesting games
    6.) Dolphins vrs bengals
    7.) Chiefs vrs Chargers

    average teams…perfect for tournaments cus it puts the skill levels to the test and can still score – you have to be able to stop people and score…..course a lil luck always helps!
    8.) Cowboys vrs bears
    9.) Bucs vrs Falcons
    10.) PAckers vrs Cleveland
    11.) minn vrs Was
    12.) Cleveland vrs packers
    13.) bears vrs cleveland
    14.) Wash vrs packers
    15.) cowboys vrs falcons
    16.) Chicago vrs minn

    bad teams….slow…just not fun to play with…but for match up cards…here ya go. look for these card to bring in those fun to watch 13-10 games….
    17.) Jets vrs Saints
    18.) Jets vrs Cardinals
    19.) Saints vrs Cardinals

    teams i think shouldn’t even be in the game/tourn…worst of the worst to play w but evenly matched

    20.) Seahawks vrs Indy – “just boring to watch” this would have to be a match up for 2 elite players – it is a fair match up card….if someone has practiced w these teams…well they may use this match up but personally..i dont care for either team – i left a few teams off the table man…tried to give ya what i thought were fair match ups. To win a game you have to score….i based the match ups i sent you mostly on offense. I did try to take into account teams with decent pass defenses but believe that the match ups i sent were fair based on they evenly matched up teams that can score..yet provided some adversity in regard to defenses…..everyone should have to look at a match up card and kinda go…hmmmm which one should i take lol…anyway…win or lose i hope my suggestions help ya make match up cards…i tried not to look at your suggestions until afterwards then found i felt very similar on a few of the match ups i picked.

    ps…no on banning montana rice….they are part of the game man….

  2. Lou R March 22, 2014 at 12:48 pm #

    Here is my top 20

    1. broncos-chargers
    2. jets-cowboys
    3. raiders-eagles
    4. dophins-chiefs
    5. bills-oilers
    7. chi-cin
    8. tb-sd
    10. min-sd
    12. nyg-buf
    13. tb-min
    14. den-pit
    15. min-was
    16. dal-atl
    17. kc-cin
    18. hou-nyg
    19. gb-cle
    20. den-tb

  3. Ocho-Cinco October 9, 2014 at 8:51 pm #

    This is not related to this post, but I’ve been reading your blog and you’ve referred several times to good ‘tappers’. What does this mean? Does hitting the A button repeatedly help you in grapples or run faster? When my QB is grappled and I try this, it cycles through my receivers and throws me off, so I tend not to do it when I’m aware. Thanks in advance!

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