Last minute Madison Prep.

2 Mar

The Mecca of Tecmo is approaching again and Tecmo101 has some quick tips to get ready for tecmo X.  Perhaps this is your first tournament or first Madison.  Maybe you have gone several years and want to advance beyond group.  Or if you just like to improve your game hopefully these quick tips can help.  Also if you are strapped for time I would suggest the Quick Tip at the bottom.  It contains a real simple plan anyone could execute and if you got lucky you could have a nice run in the tourney at even the beginner level.

Have fun.  I think any tournament is a great time but Madison is at a whole different level.  Regardless of where you place in the end make sure to enjoy each and every minute of it.  If you can make it on Friday there should be plenty of pregame action.  Ideally you should have someone or a group of people to play with on a semi regular basis.  Yet if you don’t there should be tecmo at Badger Bowl starting at 6.  More tecmo at a certain Super 8 hotel yours truly and many others will be rocking out all night.  You will have a leg up on the competition if you can get into some of these games.  If you don’t know anyone introduce yourself to Lou or myself when I arrive late that night and we will try to include you in the pre game festivities.

The greatest thing that can help you on Saturday as mentioned above is a good practice partner.  Next there are several previous articles on this blog that can explain some of the basics.  Here is a list of past articles to read if you want to bone up this week.

If your at the beginning these are very basics I wrote when I started the blog last year.

If you want something a little more advanced here are some more recent articles.

Now if you want to take this reading to the next level I would suggest watching some game film.  The Tecmo Super Bowl Tourney Database has videos from three recent Tecmo tourneys.  I would concentrate on video from Detroit Tecmo Kumite.

When you watch these games look for the games with the more established players versus newer players.  This will give you a very good visual on why certain games get out of control.  Yes some players are more skilled.  Yet at the same time better knowledge would have helped the newer player.  Watch the match-up selections, the playbooks and defensive mismatches with a DB dominating a QB.  This can help give you a very good ideal on what not to do.  Improving your chances.

Lets keep talking about improving your chances.  Everyone wants to win but not everyone can.  Yet many people would be satisfied to do well or better than they have before.  The above articles can help and watching a couple of the games on the database.  Research the people listed in your group on  Many of them have film on there games on my database or elsewhere on youtube.  Check out the twitch feed for the Midwest tourney or search youtube.

The Quick Tip

My last suggestion is if you play a player that many are predicting for the elite 8 or further is to not let that intimidate you in the slightest.  Even the best players can’t control luck.  Worse come to worse take this simple tip.  Get a good QB and a good playbook.

Some suggested match-ups if you have to call the match-up are Buf vs NYG, Buf vs hou, kc vs phi, tb vs rams, mia vs rams, wash vs rams, cle vs atl, cle vs pitt, nyj vs no, sea vs ind.  If he calls the playbook look at team data and pick the better qb if possible.  If not then look at each teams DB’s.  Take the team with the better DB’s.

For your playbook at run 2 call the pro form up the middle run, pass 3 the shotgun x drive.  Every other play use a run and shoot play.  Run 4 would be the qb sneak that goes up the middle.  A very under valued play great at getting two or three yards.

Finally for game play your goal is to pass the ball.  Take the yards given on short passes and runs to mix it up.  Make sure you get out of bounds every chance you get.  Then anytime you feel there is a chance at an open deep pass or a mismatch go for it.   Throw in a few qb sneak yards when everyone is covered and you will have a good result.  On defense guess pass and just contain as best you can.  Make sure you have plenty of help each time you make a tackle and hope for a fumble or int.  I can’t guarantee a win but I feel if you make this basic plan your strategy that you will challenge anyone you play provided you get that good qb.

With that being said good luck at Madison.

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