All 7 Onesetback or Singlesetback Plays

26 Jan

There are 7  Onesetback or Singlesetback plays.  (There are really 10 but I am not counting the weak plays I already discussed) Singlesetback formation in real football is three wr’s, one tight end and one tailback.  In tecmo that can often mean 4 wr’s or 2 rb’s.  Unlike some formations you can afford to put a wr at tight end as none of the runs are on the tight ends side of the field.

Onesetback L and FB Offtackle L are the same exact play.  One is in run 1 and the other is a run 2.  Pitch L open is a run 3.  One back flare A is a drop back pass with 3 wr’s in pass 2.  PWR fake Z post and PWR Fake x fly are the play actions based on the run 1 and run 2.  They are located in run 2 and run 3 respectively.  Finally X out and fly is another drop back pass.  It is located in pass 4 and is the best pass play in this formation.

Onesetback L and FB Offtackle L  play ranking 2

FBofftackleL  onesetbackl

These plays have a glaring weakness to LB2, LB4 and both safeties.   Against an opponent who can outtap you often they can be next to useless.  The best use of these plays is to run it along with Pitch L open.  The shock value as your opponent defends pitch L open can be used to gain some nice yards.

Pitch L Open play ranking 4


The only thing stopping Pitch L open from being a top ranked play is a few minor weaknesses.  It works better the faster the running back and the stronger the blocking.  Teams with good LB1’s and DL1’s can disrupt the blocking.  It is also possible to catch the RB in the backfield with fast DB2’s and LB4’s.  DB4 or SS has a solid contain move on both this play and the offtackle plays.  Against pitch L open you can run up and a little forward to the top sideline.  If you do it right the blockers do not target you and you are one on one with the rb after he has gained 3-4 yards.  If your drones have a lot of hitting power you should have plenty of help to contain this run to 4 yards.

PWR fake Z post and PWR Fake x fly  rankings 2

The play actions have all the weaknesses of the runs and the standard weakness of all playactions.  Man control of the qb does not begin until after the play fake.  If you have a weak OL that means a strong DL can sack you before you can ever take control of the QB.  PWR fake Z post only sends out 2 wr’s and can often end up with all 3 covered on a pass guess.  PWR Fake x fly sends out 4 but the tight end is a glaring give away to the playaction.  If you are the lb 4 it makes for an easy sack whenever you see that tight end go out on a route as the offtackle fake develops.  There are far better plays in these formations than to waste time with the playactions.

One back flare A and X out and fly  rankings 2 and 3 respectively



One back flare is a drop back with three wr’s.  It does have nice spacing for timing routes.  The top Wr has a couple of nice options on the curl.  However, it is often well covered.  There is no point in running this play when much better plays exsist in the formation.

X out and fly might send out 5 but I have never liked the play.  In my opinion it is a 2 but it does have value with pitch L open and one of the onesetback offtackle runs.  The problem I have with this play is that the deep route slowly curls up.  If you run this play near the top hash mark you can reach a point where the wr is running out of bounds.  Unlike real life it might be possible to catch it still at times.  Yet often I find due to that curl the QB just can’t time anything deep on a dive or jump.   In the video the computer does show a couple of nice hot reads.  Yet at the same time the closeness of the short routes makes it possible for one fast db to account for 3 wr’s.  Again there are far better plays in this formation.

The video below will show some ways to break up the weak runs, contain Pitch L open and the drop back passes.

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