Submit your game film for one on one advise. Jan and Feb 2014

24 Jan

As you may or may not know my blog is syndicated on Tborg. This post is going to form a post on that site. I feel there is a need to further increase the interactive nature of this blog. Which is why I am offering to review game film and to offer advise based on what I watch.

There will need to be some rules as of yet I cannot just review every game. For now I will ask you to not post a film more than once a week.

1. Although I would prefer the game to be on console I realize that it is not possible for many players to get a serious live console game in on a regular basis.

2. I would hope for other players to take a look and offer there opinion on what a person can improve on and what they are good at.

3. If you need any help recording a game, uploading or setting up youtube just ask.

4. Once you do that just post a link to the film on the post for the current month on

5. I will update each month with a new post to add to. Keep in mind you should submit the most meaningful games possible on a monthly or bi monthly basis. That way we will hopefully see some improvement from month to month.

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