Follow up: Buffalo Champ Qualifiers

21 Jan

This is a quick Buf vs Phx example for those who struggled with my Min vs Cin example.

Again we are taking advantage of the bad playbooks.

1. Guess the second pass every time. Try to kick off and contain as best you can.

2. Against single set back you want to be Bruce Smith DL1, Talley LB1 or Odomes CB1. Take those guys and run towards the exchange. Dive tackle the rb before he can exchange.

3. Use the LB 4 Lurch against the up the middle and play action up the middle.  Those are the formation shift plays.  Lb4 is Bennett.  The LB4 lurch is to run diagonally towards the hand off while tapping B to dive.

4. Use LB3 against the motion plays.  You want to angle slightly down.  On the run a big hole will open up making it easy to run to the handoff point and dive tackle the rb.  On the pass you do the same thing.  Often on the pass you will release Bennett and he will make quick work of Rosenbach for you.

5. Plug Thomas in at top wr and call pass 3 every time.  I notice a lot of people struggle when this play is covered deep or guessed.  The reason we do this is half the times Thomas is wide open on a deep pass.  Which means an easy quick touchdown.  The other times you must understand the routes.  You have to wait for rb1 to stop before throwing to him.  It also works better to throw to him on an angle.  Worse come to worst just run out of bounds and try again.  Odds are the play will be open deep or an easier dump off will be open.  You must be patient.  Wasted time of offense will keep your score down.  In the worst case throw it away cause QB Bills does not throw many int’s.

The trick is just to try to contain the kickoff so you can get safeties.  Gl and practice it a few times.  If it doesn’t work I suggest using some of the match ups of the last few years.

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