Buffalo City Championship Qualifiying

13 Jan


This is for my local guys trying to qualify. It is still a good lesson on breaking down plays. If your curious to see why some plays are weaker than others and how some playbook combinations are really bad. This video is a great example of that

For those who do not know Shredd and Ragan. Local Radio show of epic proportions runs an annual tournament. www.oogiegames.com games provides the equipment and it supports charity. It has been running for four years. I call it the city championship as the qualifying/winter makes it virtually impossible for those out of town to join.

Now to qualify in the past it has been a game against the cpu with no playbook changes.  Unlike previous years it is not a set matchup.  They let you pick any two teams.  The two teams I have chosen for this example are Min vs Cin.  The reason is behind that is that Keith Millard (Min LB2) can destroy most of the Cincy playbook.  What he cannot destroy is a useless shotgun pass.

In the following video you will see me be quite mean to the computer.  This was my second try as my first one got interrupted by the phone.  It took me 38 points to get to a hundred.  Yet in game two i had 64 at half and went well over a 100.

Here are the key things you want to do.

1. Kick off till the 4th quarter

2. Sub AC in at wr 1 and call the shotgun every play unless you are inside the ten.  Then call a run.  Even the reverse will work.

3. Guess up and A every time.  Blitz with Millard every play.  The coverage on the shotgun is good enough that you don’t need to worry about it.  No other pass should ever work.

4. The key is to recognize the play quickly in pro form.  The second you see the offensive line moving down its the flea flicker.  You guessed up and a so get to the qb quickly to get a fumble.  If the online moves the other way blitz in and make a determination if its a run or play action.  I advise to watch for the run and double back on the play action.  The computer has to finish the roll out and often holds the ball while taking a sack.

5. On the shotgun run you can cause a fumble if you get in quick.

6. The two single set back plays you need to run slightly up and then run to the hand off.  Then dive.  No need to tell the plays apart.  You will always hit the one with the ball if you get in fast enough.

Practice it a couple times to get it down and GL. For those in other cities check out the links section at the top of the page. Included are links on fixing/maintaining the NES and a database of every tecmo player. The database at tecmogeek.com can be accessed on my cheap cell phone. So odds are you can use it on game day.

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