Should Limited NT Lurching Be Legal?

8 Jan

Lurching is defined as using the DL to avoid the offensive line man and dive tackle the QB. Its illegal in 99% of all game play either online or live. The only time I’ve played since childhood that lurching was allowed was in a Cleveland tourney where you got one lurch per quarter. Despite the rule in that tourney I got lurched once. I was up by 28 in the championship final and Toolie owed me one in the fourth quarter. It was a quite funny moment when he declared “that’s my one”. Had it been Madison or a big tourney I am sure that moment would be one of the great moments of Tecmo play.

For anyone who does not know what a lurch is here are a few examples.

Now its time for the controversy. I think it is time we legalize this in some fashion. Even if only once a drive I think its a valid part of Tecmo Super Bowl and should be included. We don’t make special exceptions for glitches. Yet for some reason a valid defensive move that can be avoided or countered is not allowed. Yet at the same time if the safety hack shows up or another glitch. There is no one that says it doesn’t count. You play on and are damned for your bad luck of a Japanese programmer who probably had seen 2 football games in his life in 1990.

Why is it not allowed? Fear of sloppy games to start. When I first started playing online I had never used a center lurch on any humans. I knew of it and agreed with the rules. Back then in v frame 11 Nesticle days it was virtually impossible to avoid. The same was true of 4th man on field goals. It was considered very bad sportsman ship to do either. I still don’t think it is valid for online play. A tiny bit of lag is still there. But in live play I have decided to go on the other side of the common Tecmo thought. I think there should be a limited amount of legal lurching using the NT position only.

1. The lurch can be avoided. The above example shows that one of the best centers in the game struggled to tackle the cpu every time. I’m sure with more practice I can raise my sack percentage but at the same time…

2. QB ms is not constant to 13. Plenty of high MS qb’s will have better luck avoiding the lurch. At the same time most centers suck. They don’t come close to Ball’s 44 ms/rp. In fact center ms 44 and above is 7 (including Bob Nelson). I don’t approve of any lurching from the Defensive end positions.

3. Certain run plays are not only lurch proof but can automatically crumple the DL. The R and S runs are the most effective at this. The one player who I encounter that was good at lurching was so weak against the two r and s runs (1,3) it just made it that much easier to defeat him. The below example shows how you might benefit on a lurch or might find yourself on the ground. Lurching is countered better by sweeps and is geared towards stopping up the middle runs and drop back passes. Please note in the below video I was showing what simple mistakes when rushing on a lurch attempt can lead to.

4. Shotgun.

5. Tecmo favors offense and at times it seems ridiculous to me how much breaks go the way of offense. I think in an ideal setting offense and defense should be on a more even playing field. Not even. The advantage should be to offense and still will be with a limited lurch rule.

6. New variables will lead to new matchups, increased team values and more dynamic game play. GB will benefit the most but overall it will make more matchups possible. Which would help to prevent the danger of stagnant play. A small but real danger that if things continue to seem the same at events Tecmo will lose interest.

7. The fear of lurching has lead to a host of bad rules over the years. Rules not allowing for DL use, confusion over the proper way a DL can be used and more. The defintion on what is legal DL use right now is quite gray. It should simply state any move that is not a lurch is legal. Yet right now valid ways of using a dl to breakup plays might be illegal in some events and legal in other events.

8. There are people out there who I encounter that lurching is part of there game plan. They come to events and find the rules do not allow for it at all. Which in light of the many things I have mentioned I find to be unfair.

9. The LB4 lurch is perfectly legal and is just as cheap as the NT lurch. It can only be done on certain plays has been the argument for allowing it. Yet as I have just showed the NT lurch can only be done on certain plays in certain situations. In fact there is nothing more detrimental than a player who is unaware of the LB4 lurch. It can cost you an entire game if you set up the playbook wrong as it will work every time.

10. The more you lurch the more the opponent will lurch. I suspect even if limited lurching was allowed it may not be used to often anyways. I found most players did not take advantage of the rules allowing a wr to get running plays as a RB 2 despite how much more effective it made those certain teams in tournaments.

I want to be clear that I don’t think unlimited lurching has a place in Tecmo. The rule I support will be explained in detail below.

Lurch rule.

1. A DL lurch is defined as trying to dive tackle or blitz the QB at the snap on a drop back pass or trying to use the same effect to break up a running play. Any other form of DL use is legal.

2. Once a drive the defense may legally lurch with the nose tackle. The lurch cannot be used if the offense is inside there own 10 yard line.

3. The defense may also lurch with the NT on any 4th down play of 6 yards or more. Any third down longer than 21 yards or more. However, if the offense is inside the 10 yard line the lurch is not allowed.

4. Lurching from the defensive ends is illegal. The LB4 lurch is always legal.

I doubt I will have any converts although I would love to see this come into effect one day. I’m not ready to approve it in my own Tourney. Right now it would be too controversial. I will be recommending part one (along with a video of a lurch to be shown at each tourney to make explaining what is illegal easier than it has been in the past). As for this new rule I think it could one day spice things up and should be seriously considered.

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