Field Goal Ranges and Field Goal Drill

7 Jan

Another surprise I see at tourneys is that many people do not understand how far away a field goal can be made in a game of tecmo super bowl.  Nick Lowery of KC is the best kicker in the game and can easily make a field goal when lined up at the fifty yard line.  In fact his range extends beyond that and so do several other players.  The range of a kicker is determined by the Kicking Ability measurement.   Lowery is the top dog at 81 KA and the worst is the 19 KA of both Al Del Greco (PHX) and Mike Lansford (RAMS). Please note the below chart is measured by where the ball is snapped. It is also measured by a practical range. There is a slight chance of making it one to two yards behind the number I use in average conditioning. I don’t list that number as it is nearly impossible to hit in practice.

KA Last Name (team) Practical Range

81 Lowery (KC) Own 44 yard line
75 Carney (SD), Leahy (NYJ) Own 45 yard line
69 Treadwell (DEN), Stoyanovich (MIA), Christie (TB) own 45.5
63 Breech (CIN), Anderson (PIT), Staurovsky (NE) own 46
56 Jaeger (RAI), Jacke (GB), Andersen (NO), Cofer (SF) own 46.5
50 Lohmiller (WASH), Ruzek (PHI) own 47
44 Johnson (SEA), Norwood (BUF), Bahr (NYG), Reveiz (Min), Willis (DAL) own 48
38 Kauric (CLE), Zendejas (HOU), Biasucci (IND), Butler (CHI) own 49
31 Murray (DET) 50
25 Davis (ATL) opposition’s 49
19 Lansford (Rams), Del Greco (PHX) opposition’s 48

Kicking Drill

This drill uses Nestopia. Choose any kicker and any range/position you want to work at. Player two can be man/coa/com. Get your team to where you want to practice at. Then select field goal. Before you snap use quick save state to save in the file menu to save to a slot. (shift 1, shift 2…) Then kick and reload the state and kick. Keep reloading the state and kicking till you get enough practice in.

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