I’m back: Tecmo Film Database.

18 Dec

I’d like to apologize for everyone who liked the blog but real life gave me a major case of writers block.  Now that I got a new job in a month or so and a few new ideals its time to resume writing. 

First of all I would like to introduce my new project.  Recently at tourney’s I’ve been getting into live broadcasting and recording games.  What my goal is to do is record a significant amount of games at each tourney. I feel in the past the games from live events that make it on the web only represent a small amount of the Tecmo played.  I would be willing to be more than 90% of those games are title/semifinal games or games with two big names going at it.

I feel this doesn’t give a good sampling of what happened during a tournament.  My solution is to record a few stations using my TV/VCR or a couple of VCR’s on the side for now. After that I will upload those games to my youtube account.  The video quality is excellent and the material can be used by anyone.  It can be used for entertainment, scouting and more.  I’m hoping by the end of the 2014 to have more than two hundred games in that collection.

The link for the database is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn0xffl1mQbnPGEVkn-X5XQ  also my twitch account is twitch.tv/mort1237.  Everything will be on the youtube the twitch account will only contain highlights from live broadcasts from now on.

The above video is an example of how I can use live game play to demonstrate ideals.  In this video a user controlled JJ int is demonstrated perfectly.  There are two factors to getting this interception.  First of all the DB must have his int level at least 18-24 points above the QB’s pc rating.  Then secondly the DB must be positioned in the right spot to jump.  If your to far away nothing will happen.  If you get to close to the WR you might dive or arrive on time.   

Now it would be better to be to close than to far away for a dive or cc has good odds of being picked by Haddix against either Phx qb.  Yet at the same time the jumping int is close to automatic when done right.  A few times if the difference is not as big as what Haddix has it might be deflected.  Yet the odds are good if your in the right spot you will pick of your opponent every time,

We can look a little further into this example as it has a number of good examples of how to improve.

1. Shotgun x Curl is a good play.  Its not a great play.  Its strengths are more suited to higher PS qb’s or timed JJ’s on the curls.  Its weakness is against a DB that can JJ int.

2. By running backwards with the QB Phx made life easier on TB.  This would have been a good play to force Haddix to honor the open wr and try to run for 5 yards with the QB.

3. After the int TB has a chance to get out-of-bounds or closer to the sideline.  I’ve never seen an int return of more than 20 yards and i have seen plenty of DB fumbles.  I don’t have the math on percentages. (that’s not my thing but ask around) Yet from what I’ve seen a DB fumbles at a high enough rate that I always try to go out-of-bounds.  Haddix looked fast in that example but the only guy I ever came close to a long return with is Lonnie Young.

The JJ int has more uses than just getting turnovers.  Next article I will demonstrate how to use high defender INT to help cut down on the yards gained on a QB sneak.

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