Domain of Valid Matchups

6 Apr

Recently I’ve been quite busy and been spending a lot of time playing chess as I did when I was in my early 20’s.  There are a lot of aspects of Tecmo that can be compared to Tecmo Super Bowl.  Each game has a start, midgame and end.  That might sound overly simplistic to those not familiar to chess or Tecmo.  Yet if you have played either game or both like me then you know in each part of the game there are different scenarios that lead to victory.

Any opening in Chess is based upon only a few viable moves that have a high chance of victory.  The most famous of these have names like the French, English, Sicilian and so on.  They are named as counters for White’s opening move.  Each game plays out from book for about the first 8-12 moves.  Where a know weakness or viable variation exists.  After this point the mid game ensues when players try to gain piece advantage.  Once that occurs the side with the advantage moves as swiftly as possible to an end game.  Once in this set with just a few pieces left even a pond can overwhelm the other side.

In Tecmo it is no different.  A person calls a matchup hoping to gain an advantage with one of the two teams.  Just as the players in chess choose an opening based upon what initial moves gives them an advantage.  For example if I play a guy who likes to run the ball and out taps me then it will take me some convincing to give him a high MS running back.  In Chess if I know someone’s favorite opening is the Sicilian then I don’t start the game as white with E4.  (Moving the pond in front of the King forward two spaces).  I start with D4 (pond in front of the queen).

Similar I try to play most of my games in the real domain of good matchups or openings.  In Chess moving a pond in front of my rook two spaces would be about the worst opening move possible.  Similar to this where you won’t call an extreme mismatch as that puts the pressure right on you from the start.  The next part of a good opening is to go with the variation or playbook you like the best.  Finally at the coin toss you always want to kick.  At this point your set to go to the midgame of Tecmo.

The midgame is the most confusing part of both Tecmo and Chess.  Almost all of the gameplay articles deal with getting advantages in the game.  This is the midgame in Tecmo.  Once you have gained that advantage you go to the endgame.  In the endgame you are winning and your goal is to now make sure your on top when the clock hits 0 in the 4th quarter.  The most important thing in and endgame in both games is to keep in mind your opponent is desperate and will be forced to take more risks.  If your endgame accounts for this, ball security and moving clock you will hold on to most leads.  Unlike chess flukes and luck exist in Tecmo Super Bowl.

Without further ado here are the valid matchups of Tecmo where each team has a good chance at victory.  The best matchups have an asterisk.  Extreme reaches are in parenthesis.  Note these will be the matchups featured in the match up card system at the Buffalo Bounty Tournament April 20.  If you are practicing I recommend knowning all of these games as most games occur in this list.  Only a few outside of the list can win and those not often.

From top to bottom.

1.  SF vs NYG, Hou

2. NYG vs HOU, BUF*

3. HOU vs BUF*, CHI, PHI

4. BUF vs CHI

5. CHI vs KC**, PHI, RAI, CIN,

6. KC vs PHI*, RAI*, CIN*, MIA*

7. RAI vs PHI*, CIN*, MIA,


9. CIN vs MIA*, DET*, SD*, MINN


11. DET vs SD*, MINN*, WASH

12. SD vs MINN*, WASH, TB, (RAMS),(DEN)

13. MINN vs WASH*, TB,

14. WASH vs TB*, RAMS, DEN


16. DEN vs RAMS*, PITT*, DAL*, (PHX, CLE)



19. DAL vs PHX*, CLE, NYJ, (NO, ATL)

20. PHX vs NYJ*, ATL, CLE, (GB, NO)

21 . NYJ vs ATL*, CLE*, NO*, GB

22. ATL vs CLE*, (NO, GB)

23. CLE vs NO, GB*

24. NO vs GB, NE (SEA)

25 GB vs NE (Sea)

26. NE vs SEA*, (IND)

27. SEA vs IND *

28. IND


Now I just got to make those matchup cards.  More work so troublesome.

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