Buffalo NY Bounty Tournanment April 2oth

23 Mar

Hey guys thanks for reading my blog but im taking an break from tecmo for a while. Ill be back with more tips in time but i need time  to reflect on my “road of life” if you will. I will continue with my blog entries when i get a chance too. However if you cant wait for that…then you can see me in person on April 20th in buffalo ny. Along with my brother Louis Buennagel (“next years tecmo champ”) we will be hosting Buffalo’s first real Tecmo Super Bowl Tourney (srry the past buffalo edge radio station tourney’s dont count…garbage rules) . It will be held at the 1550 walden avenue cheektowaga ny 14211 at thruway lanes (on walden by the galleria mall) April 20th at 10am. Featuring multiple prizes for new and experienced players of tecmo super bowl. Email “mort” (aka francis buennagel) at mort1237@yahoo.com to sign up. sign up with name, location, equipment you can bring (mainly nes sytems or tv’s). For more information go to http://tecmobowl.org/topic/52708-buffalos-1st-tecmo-bounty-tournament-april-20th/

ENTRY FEE: $15 Prizes 1st thru 3rd…Plus $5 for every player you eliminate, $30 for the elimination of “mort”, $25 hard luck tecmoer prize, 2013 tecmo cartridge raffles…Door prizes include tecmo shirts, bills cards from 1991 and a 8 by 10 signed photo by david fulcher!!!

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