Basic Mathcup Advise

18 Feb

Late update this week as I had a busy week with my birthday and work. Leading up to Madison I will need to get in a few important things in order to help you win games. Since matchup selection is quite challenging I can give you some advise from my experience.

The first step is to pick two teams that can compete against the other. Each team in the matchup should have some sort of advantage over the other team. It’s hard to find two dead even teams. Its easier to find two teams with a weakness that the other team exploits.

Dallas vs Phoenix

In this popular matchup Dallas seems like the better team with 56 ms rb and a decent passing game. However, the two safeties on Phx, low int in the Dal secondary and the 19 ms qb on Phx can make for a very close game.

Cincinnati vs Detroit

Another great matchup of two good offenses that are hard to stop. The battle in these games come down to ball control with detroit versus getting turnovers with David Fulcher.

The next step is to pick two teams that you would want to use. If you’re not good with a team don’t put them in a matchup. If you like to run the ball put in two running teams. If your better at passing or defense then give yourself that in the matchup.

For example I don’t like playing with ATL or TB defense and I rarely will put them in a matchup. Also I don’t like playing against TB so there is another reason not to have them in a matchup.

Practice matchups you want to use in a tourney. I have a set of key matchups that are my go to matchups. 1. DET/MINN 2. CHI/kc 3. Den/Dal 4. Hou/Buf 5. Dal/Ari 6 Minn/Mia. I’ve practiced the ins and outs with both teams and feel confident using them in key games. If you have even just one go to matchup that you practiced out then you have an advantage.

At the same time in games against players who are not at the highest level I use matchups I don’t trust against great players. Mainly I go with a minn/tb/wash matchup in opening rounds. In order to save my best matchup calls.

I advise you to explore every level of matchup from sf vs nyg to sea vs ind. You never know what other people will call. In most tourneys every team tends to get used once.

Matchups leaning to running games
det vs den
cin vs det
chi vs oak
sd vs det

Matchups leaning to passing games
mia vs minn
buf vs hou
sf vs hou
ind vs sea
tb vs wash
rams vs tb
cle vs gb

Matchups leaning to defensive games

Chi vs oak
pitt vs dal
pitt vs jets
sd vs minn

Another bit of basic advise is that if you play a great player and you’re not as good go with a matchup with two great offenses.  Typically the better players are great defenders.  Taking a hou buf or nyg buf might negate their advantage.

As you advance through the tourney or tpc ranks you will begin to not specific weaknesses in teams to take advantage of.  Key players on defense can be attacked by running plays to negate their effectiveness.  Byrd on SD at db 2 can be neutralized by sweep plays.  Same thing for Haddix on TB being countered by plays running up.  Several of those plays like r and s sweep l are also devastating on tough LB1’s.   A great LB4 can destroy a lot of plays but r and s sweep r will give him fits.

Some teams can’t run well or throw well.  Others have bad defenses or one good defender in a bad spot.  Every team has at least one flaw.  The further down the list the more flaws you will find.  SF’s only flaws are intangibles.  They make people play overconfident and slow down just a tad in the red zone.  Compare that to IND which has no useable defenders of note and one half way decent qb.

Sometimes a teams flaw can make it go up the proverbial ladder to play a higher level team.  Teams in a matchup do not have to be right next to each other on the TPC ranking list.  They also do not have to be in the same tier or level.  These are rare but valid matchups.

For example one of my toughest games in a recent tourney was CLE Dal.  Cle is a great team to call if you want to go up the ladder.  They have a very hard to stop passing game.  With the qb ms of QB Brown being high it makes it tough to stop them.

Here is a list of common Cle matchups I have seen or used that go up the ladder.

Cle vs TB,DAL,RAMS,DEN,NYJ,PITT,ARI.  I’m not saying to call any of these in a tourney.  What I am saying is that if your really strong with Cle you have a chance against these teams.  At the same time don’t go into a call against Cle less serious because you have a way better team.  QB’s with high PC can change games around.  Just like Rb’s with sick MS, wr’s with high ms and DB’s with high int.

In conclusion till matchup calling is eliminated (see Buffalo Bounty Tourney) you must have some ideal of what to do if the headache of picking the matchup is given to you.  If you get good at calling matchups you will learn to know how each team can win the game versus the other team.  That doesn’t mean you will win.  You will still need to learn and practice how to execute your game plan.

11 Responses to “Basic Mathcup Advise”

  1. Nick Saban February 22, 2013 at 8:25 pm #

    Mort, Thanks again for your post! I have been practicing Pitt vs HOU with my buddy and I am always Pitt. Yes, I would never pick this matchup in a tourney nor would anyone else, but I think it gives me good experience playing with an inferior team.

    I would never pick the Eagles in a matchup just because I would never want to face them.

    What matchups have you seen mostly with Pitt and Chicago?

    • mort1237 February 25, 2013 at 3:50 am #

      I think it is smart to practice all sorts of things. Or if your trying to even up a game. Of course once the big games get rolling I wouldn’t go to far off the block. Yet sometimes there are surpirses.

      I almost agree with your reasoning with Eagles. I’d call a chi vs phi but that is about it. Or something like a hou vs phi. Containing eagles is hard but some teams have the personel.

      As for me there are teams I wouldn’t give certain people in a matchup without a lot in return. Like I find it hard to give great players great safeties or running backs. Yet there are times when I will if there is something I can use.

      Considering I once gave a good player the 49ers and almost won there is not a team I would not give to someone if I though there was an advantage of me. Of course it will be a long damn timed before I do that again.

      • Nick Saban February 26, 2013 at 10:22 pm #

        I totally agree giving great players great RB’s or safeties. That can really make a difference. As I have seen from your highlights, if we ever meet, I would never let you be Joey Browner.

      • mort1237 February 27, 2013 at 6:00 pm #

        I find it easier to give someone a good cornerback in a matchup. That way I can have blockers on them when I run the ball. For the same reason I don’t like to be on defense with TB and ATl. I always feel there is too much pressure on you being just one guy the whole game. I prefer teams with a lot of useable guys and MINN is one of my favorite defenses’. So it would be a good plan not to give me a team with Browner, Carl Lee, Millard, Merriweather and Doleman.

  2. hoigaard2 February 25, 2013 at 2:57 pm #

    I did a little number-crunching on team frequency and win % of the Tecmo Madison tourney. I think it acts as a nice addendum to your post, Mort:

    • mort1237 February 27, 2013 at 5:31 pm #

      sry i got to this late but it is an interesting statistic. SD as the most used team is just shocking. I think there winning percentage above 500 is a surprise. To me that has been a hit or miss team.
      TB and Philly I expect to be leading in winning percentage. Eagles and Testeverde are tough QB’s to stop. I don’t even count SF and shocked they did not pull down a 100%. Pitt is another surprise as a defensive team that can boggle down if thier offense is not on.
      Oak with one win is not too shocking. I never found a great feel for that team. Surprising the Jets come out so low with there balanced offense and defense. Makes me wonder what kind of matchups the Jets where in.
      Good work. Now after this tourney you will have time to get really in depth. What I would like to know is the teams each team played against. That would tell me what matchup is being called and which ones are producing wins on one side.

  3. Larry February 26, 2013 at 9:48 pm #


    Your opinion who are the most underrated players and teams in the game? How about overrated?

    • mort1237 February 27, 2013 at 5:49 pm #

      For underrated I’d go with the Saints. They have a balanced attack on offense, depth at several defensive positions and amazing special teams. The weak points are a 44 pc qb and the best DB is at CB2.
      Underrated players I go with anyone good at DB2. Byrd, Lippett and Mayhew get used a lot. But since that position is weak and teams have a good DB elsewhere these guys hardly get used. Guys like Minn’s Carl lee 63 ms 50 int, Chi’s Woolford 50 ms 63 int, NO’s Massey 50 ms 56 int, NYG Collins 56 ms 63 int, Pitt’s Woodruff 56 ms 56 int, Dal’s Holt 56 ms 50 int and even Cleveland’s Minnefield with 50 ms 44 int.
      The reason I mention this talent is that often the least likely DB to go into coverage on there own voilition is DB2. Also DB2 can be quite effective in certain matchups at destroying the sweep in the backfield. Its why I like to call Det/Minn.
      Then there are fast defensive linemen who can free up more coverage and be effective against the run if you use them right.
      Overrated teams are a lot harder to put a finger on. Sf for example is way too good and you should never call it in a mathup and always take them if it is called. I can’t for the life of me think of any team that is overrated besides SF being way too good.
      The most overrated players is tough too. I feel that some of the fast LB’s with low int are a little overrated. They don’t shut down the run game as good as a safety. They also tend to leave you open to the passing attack. On a key play I would cover with a fast DL then a LB if I had a choice. However, there are situatins when they are very valuable. It all depends on the matchup and playbooks used.

  4. Larry February 26, 2013 at 9:49 pm #


    What is up with this rumor on twitter that Peter North is gonna be in Madison for the tourney??? Lol is that for real

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