8 Feb

This article is a collection of minor points that do not warrant a full article.  However, that does not mean that the things mentioned are unimportant.  In fact most of what is in here is probably very key tidbits of information that can improve your game.

1. Controller selection.  Play as many games on player 2 as possible till your as comfortable on that side as player 1.

2. Coin toss.  You will notice that most experienced tecmo players will select kickoff at the coin toss.  There are two major reasons for this.  Tecmo is a game full of bad breaks and the guy who recieves is very likely to be the first person to get screwed.  Secondly getting the ball at half time can often result with going for 2 scores in a row.  Good game management or luck with JJ’s often lead to a chance to score 10-14 points unanswered at the half.

3. 3rd and short.  Good players seem will easily convert situations when it is 3rd or 4th down and a short distance.  This is because an experienced player knows he can get 3-5 yards running with his qb.  In other words the best way to pick up short yardage in tecmo is to call a pass in short yardage.  (Redzone coming later).  Be patient and get the human to commit to coverage.  Then just take the yards and get out-of-bounds.  Also its advisable to take the yards running then to throw as some qb’s miss wide open wr’s.

4. 4th down (outside fg range).  In tecmo there are many reasons to go for 4th downs.   With an average of a 13 ms qb I would say that 4th and 3 is very likely to be made.  If the qb is faster up to 4th and 6.  If you have qb eagles you should go for say up to 4th and 10.  Other reasons to go for it is that defensive stops are rare.  In most games you can make up for one turnover with good clock management.

5. Punting.  Now if you trust your defense and/or the situation is hopeless punt.  Assuming you are outside of fg range.  The goal when you punt is to get it as close to the goal line with out putting it in the end zone.  Automatic touchback and the punt team typically has great coverage.  Also the punt team has one other big advantage.  Almost all fumbled punts are returned by the punt team for a touchdown.  If you’re receiving I strongly advise you to get out-of-bounds.

6. Return game.  The speed of a kick returner is determined by the 5th offensive lineman’s ms.  Which is why the Saints, Bears, Rams and Steelers have such great returns.  On punts the ms of the strong safety determines punt returner speed.  Favoring Cincy, SF, Minn and the Jets.

7A. Field Goals.  FG range is very large in tecmo.  Most kickers can make it when you are lined up at the 50.  A few kickers have even greater range.  Nick Lowery KC can make it from his 44 yard line in average. 

7B. Field goals are not hard to kick.  It’s simply a matter of lining up the arrow in the right spot.  That all depends on the hash mark.  If you’re in the middle of the two hashes you want the arrow right in front of the holder.  If you are at the bottom hash then you want the arrow just slightly above the holder.  If you’re at the top hash then slightly below the holder.  I find the top hash is the most accurate.  On shorter kickers inside the 40 you get more lee way then the other two hashes.

7c. Blocking Field goals.  Everyone knows the LB1 move.  But that doesn’t always work.  If you have a bad LB1 or a good ol is getting you there are 4 other players with a reasonable chance to block a kick.  A fast  LB2 can angle up behind LB1 and sometimes run in unrushed.  A fast LB 3 can run straight and often go right by his blocker.  This move is inconsistent.  The good moves are with a fast LB4 or DB1.  A LB4 can run just a slight tap below his defender and continue on to the block the kick.  DB1 can take angle between LB4 and avoid his man. 


8. Condition checks and substitutions.  If you did not know in preseason mode conditioning changes.  Here are the basics.  In the change players you press start to see the conditions.  Bad brings down everything a notch.  Good goes up a notch and excellent is equal to two notches.  Condition checks are good if you have similar players.  Like the Jets rb’s or Pittsburg’s.  If both players have the same ability level go with the guy in good.

However, if you have a great player and a lousy one then I advise you to leave in the great player.

9. JJ passes are hard to complete with high ps qb’s.  You might want to sub out Marino or Elway if your only option is to throw a bomb.

10.  Tecmo can be a rough game with all the bad breaks.  Or if you play someone who knows a few more tricks than you.  Hang in there and learn the tricks of the trade.  No advise is perfect, you can’t win every game.  However, a good solid playing foundation will lead to a nice winning percentage.

The last advise is to go or create a tecmo tourney.  There is nothing like playing the game live.  It doesn’t matter if it is you and some guys hanging out.  Have some fun playing this game the way it was meant to be play.

13.  A few more to digest.

Arrow trick.  When passing if you change wr’s right after you pass the arrow will keep moving.  Causing the arrow to be on the next wr in the progression.  Sometimes if done quickly the arrow can be two ahead.  Coming soon will be an in-depth article on using the arrow.

Safety Glitch. This is a glitch that occurs if you pass out of your own end zone.  Its rare but happens on both cartridge and emulation.  If the defender deflects the ball out-of-bounds a safety might be called.  It also doesn’t happen every time a ball is deflected out-of-bounds while throwing from your endzone.  Its more of a once in a blue moon thing.

Finding a pixel.  This term coined by Chet the first time he beat me is a good way to describe how some running backs appear to be out-of-bounds but no whistle is blown.  Also a lot of fumbles will briefly bounce out-of-bounds and not be called.  Finally it is even possible to catch a jj pass/int while out-of-bounds.  It will be considered caught and you never have to land in bounds.

Line of Scrimmage.  This can be deceptive to a defender.  The only way to know when a qb crosses this line is when the arrow vanishes.  The second the passing arrow vanishes stop pass covering.  Your opponent cannot throw on that play after that point.

Kicker’s have 81 ms.  You should know this cause if the kicker is a deadly weapon on blocked kicks.  That’s means the kickers natural speed is a notch higher than Bo Jackson.  Imagine if he gets into good or excellent.  94 ms is near perfect speed.

Losing man control of players.  This happens often after fumbles, blocked kicks, coverage catches and just after the catch of some deep balls.  It also occurs up to a certain point on a play action or up to a moment or two after the hand off. 

Invisibility to drones.  Another rare situation where drones seem unable to tackle a back.  They will literally run right next to him as he was not there.  Typically it will just affect one or two guys.  But in some rare situations the entire defense is effected.

10 Responses to “Miscellaneous”

  1. Elvis Peebles February 8, 2013 at 3:04 pm #

    playing online, I never worry about making fg’s with a poor kicker. playing live has better reaction time, of course.

    • mort1237 February 9, 2013 at 5:25 am #

      i think that you can make kicks online with a bad kicker. its all in the timing. in an online game you press the button earlier. i always try to time it so i hit it like a second early.

  2. Lou Raguse February 10, 2013 at 1:45 am #

    These are stellar tips. There are lots of places on the web to find simple Tecmo gameplay tips but this blog brings it to the next level. Thanks for sharing. We will have to play live in Buffalo sometime.

    • mort1237 February 11, 2013 at 6:16 am #

      Thanks. Hope we get that game in soon.

  3. Dust February 11, 2013 at 12:57 am #

    Hey mort, do you ever play the first tecmo super bowl on super Nintendo? I love the Nintendo version, i grew up on it but i find the snes version to be a tad better. Have you ever heard of a competition for tecmo snes? I live in Phoenix and.haven’t heard of any tecmo tournaments here period…

    • mort1237 February 11, 2013 at 6:20 am #

      There is a TSB III tourney for the SNES this summer in Philly. Check out the tourney section of http://www.tecmobowl.org for details. http://www.tecmoplayers.com supports the snes and nes systems for file upload. Also there might be a SNES league around. Typically is one or two and I have been in them in the past. I like SNES but I didn’t grow up with it. It does even out the game and is more of a passing game. Closer to realistic. But I like this version the best.
      The other nice thing is a lot of the things in my blog can be used for SNES play. Not everything but a lot of it. I also think there are a few unique factors in SNES that I forgot. So this can help you to a degree.

      • Dust February 11, 2013 at 12:42 pm #

        Thanks mort, much respect… i really enjoy your blog.

  4. Larry February 15, 2013 at 3:06 am #


    Also what do you think of using Mel Gray as a wr for Detroit? I think it is a must. Thanks for posting these tutorials online they are very helpful for newer players like myself. Peace.

    • mort1237 February 16, 2013 at 9:20 pm #

      sometimes its better to put sanders at wr. or if your chicago to put anderson at wr. 56 ms is a lot of speed. against some teams and it enables a vertical threat almost equal or surprassing rice to have those guys at wr.
      As for your little joke it had to go but I’m sure on craigslist you can set that up with some dudes if that is your thing.

  5. Greg Wondra February 25, 2017 at 6:50 pm #

    These are great

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