Tecmo Super Bowl Basics Pre Game

6 Jan

In order to begin this blog there are a lot of basics to review. A lot of this will be kind of bland and known to a lot of readers. Yet for anyone new this is key information that could save you days of frustration learning the hard way. Let’s begin here. Right after you press start. Its time to go to team data.

Lets assume that you are playing on console or using TPC original. TPC stands for Tecmo Players Circuit. for more on getting started with online play. For now we are going to basics.

Before each game there are 3 steps

Lineup OF starters

Defense players data

Playbook Playbook

I’ve chosen the New York Jets. Here is there default offensive line up.

Here is how I realign it after checking each player. Press start to see the ratings.


We can start at QB. O’Brien has 50 PC (pass control). PC is the most important QB rating. The better a passer the more PC.

Go with O’Brien as he has better PC. Yet keep in mind 44 PC Eason is useful. Let’s take a look at Eason for a second. Sub him in and press start.
The second most important stat for a qb is MS (maximum speed). Maximum Speed is the primary indication of ability at almost all positions. Both QB’s have a standard 13 ms. This might change on conditions. Right now at the beginning of preseason all players are in average. Yet each quarter and over time it could change. With two closely rated QB’s it is wise to watch those changes to make sure you have the best player in.

As for the rest of the roster changes I have put Blair Thomas at wr2 and Johnny Hector at rb1. Baxter is inserted into both returner positions. At the skill positions I want to put fast players. The Jets have 3 players topping out at 44 ms and one at 38 ms. All are in my lineup. Note MS is more important than REC. Most QB’s complete wide open passes at a high rate. With a good qb and backup it is important to get what little speed this offense has on the field.

To understand Baxter at retunrer it is time to move on to step 2. Defense. Exit of starters and go to player data. Once in it starts with the offense which you checked. Press right to the next group. There will be a backup TE, five OL, kicker and punter. Go down to the last offensive lineman (right tackle) and press a. On console and non hacked roms this position sets the MS of the kick off returns. Meaning the Jets return man has 25 ms no matter who you sub in. I went with Baxter due to having higer RS (running speed). This will make him slightly faster and slightly more maneuverable then the next best choices of (Hector, Thomas, Mcneil.)

Press right to go to defense. Go to the last player listed. This should be DB4 or Strong Safety. The Strong Safety has 44 ms. This sets the ms of any punt retuner at 44 ms. Again Baxter is utilized with his higher RS. I consider rs to be the most important stat for deciding on a kick/punt returner. The next most important stat is BC (ball control). HP (hitting power) only matters if you have a fullback with 88 or more hp.

Next find the best players on the Jets. These will be the players you use to defend.tpc_original_004tpc_original_005tpc_original_007tpc_original_006

Right Guard and the three best/useful Jet defenders. Use Mcmillian for now on D.

Now go to playbook. You should see this. A couple of good plays and mostly bad plays.


For now we will use a basic R and S playbook with one shotgun. The advantage is these plays are hard to stop. Later we will explore playbooks in depth to learn why some of the above plays can be really bad. Yet some are good. Here is a nice playbook to explore if your a beginner.


Run Play 2 has several options. Listed is Fb offtackle L. If you want you may use T Power Dive, R and S Draw, weakside open and one back sweep r.

Run Play 4 may also be Pro T dive, onesetback dive.

Pass 4 may also be Redgun z slant and Shotgun Z s-in.

Learn to use all of these plays first against live competition. Learn what the routes mean. Not every straight line is equal. Some passes have hidden wr hitches in them. Learn the order of wr’s and number. When running learn where the blocking is going. If there is blocking.

With this though we are ready to play and move on to another subject.

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