Run the ball with the QB

6 Jan

Here is our first practice drill for improving your game play. Learning how to scramble and run with the QB(O’Brien). In Tecmo the pocket is not the greatest place to be at. By the time your receivers have gotten down field it might be collapsing. Even worse you will find that the one to three open guys are being blanketed by the human defender. The best way to break down the human defender is to run the ball with the QB. It should be possible on each passing play that is not guessed to gain a minimum of 3-4 yards.

Now for the drills. The first drill is to get used to running with your QB (O’Brien). First set up the lineup and playbook for the Jets from the last segment. So by yourself go play a game in coach mode. That would be man vs coach in the preseason menu. To make it a challenge let the coach be Chi while you are the Jets. Once you get the ball, punt it to yourself if the coached team gets it. Your in coach mode so you need two controllers. Set up the keyboard if your using a cpu and don’t have a second controller.

When you get the ball on offense call a passing play and then call a different passing play for the coach. You don’t want to be blitzed nor do you want all the wr’s to be open. One of the basics of Tecmo Defense is that a guessed pass gives better pass defense and a guess run better run defense with almost no pass defense. When you snap the ball run either up or down and get as many yards as you can. Hug the sideline you choose and go out of bounds each time. That is because the QB (O’Brien) is more likely to fumble and if your in an online league injuries are turned on. You should do this for the entire game. Each time Chi gets the ball punt it right back.

Do not pass the ball no matter how wide open players are. Instead just observe where the open guys. Imagine what the human defender could be doing and where you should run. Typically you will want to scramble on the opposite side of the deepest open wr. If your using the playbook I mentioned then you should notice these patterns.


On pass one the first rb and the te will often be left over. A human defender will try to cover both and if he is fast enough could defend both. You can run on either side of the field and break down the coverage. Other splits include both rb’s open with which you can run either direction. The first wr and the first rb. On this one you should keep the arrow on the deep wr and run up top. The first or second rb and second wr. This last one is a tough one at times. Run down and hope for the best.

The second pass in the playbook is very hard for the cpu to cover. They typically only will pick up two players. Leaving you either 2 short routes, 2 deep routes, one of each and a unique coverage pattern. This unique pattern is the drone (stands for unmanned defender) will cover the te then leave the te to trail the bottom wr. When scrambling you should run oppisited the short open wr. If only the deep guys are open then use you best judgement. Keep in mind that the more time you take the less likely the defender can trick you into throwing up a bad pass. Not to mention the more yards that will be available on your scramble.

Using this pattern discover the coverage patterns on the next two. In a later game you should change pass 4 to the other two plays I mentioned and learn the coverage patterns on those. All this time you should be thinking and scrambling. You should not be throwing the ball. This is just practice after all.

If you want to make this harder then use a team with a six ms qb like Wash (Rypien). If you have someone willing to practice this then you should each take turns scrambling while the other person defends. If your going up against someone you should throw it to make it realistic for the defender. Against the cpu though you should only scramble and imagine when you could throw.

If you know how to edit a rom you can make a hacked out team to go agains. Another ideal is try to see how long you can keep a 13 ms qb alive without crossing the line of scrimmage.

4 Responses to “Run the ball with the QB”

  1. Nick S March 11, 2014 at 1:34 am #

    One thing I think I’ve noticed in watching you play is that you rarely if ever run backward with the QB. You seem to only move up down or forward unless dodging a specific defender. You’ve already eluded to deep balls being a desperation move but are there specific times when running back to buy time comes in to play or is it pretty much just in desperation or garbage time? Maybe I’m way off with the question but I’ll let you tell me.

    • mort1237 March 15, 2014 at 11:44 am #

      I’m not a fan for dropping back any more than I have too. I think most things open up early on in the play. Typically I know within the first 3 seconds what options are available on a play. I also find that the best way to make sure one of those options is there is to add the qb scramble to the equation. On a typical play I can either run for 3+ yards or complete a pass.
      I find that the excessive drop back reduces your choices. Keep in mind the more you drop back the less you see on the play. Furthermore the pass is in the air longer if you drop back. Finally pressure is harder to avoid and more dangerous 10 or 20 yards in the backfield. This all adds up to reduce your options to a deep pass. Which is just a gamble at times. At times the odds are worth it. However, if you complete that pass in my opinion you score to quickly.
      I like to have the ball on offense and reduce the time I am on defense. I think it is important to manage clock. Also since most times I can get what I need without risk I hate the ideal of just tossing it up. Therefore I have practiced to get the most out of a pass play without dropping back more than ten yards.
      Another thing I would mention is just because you are near the sidelines does not mean you have to run with the qb. I call this the extended scramble. It works better with a faster qb but it can be done with a 6 ms qb. All you do is go back for a bit, dodge the drones and hope that by continuing to scramble behind the line of scrimmage it opens up options in the pass game. This is very useful if you have a slow wr going deep and need to buy more time to force the human defender to pick only one to cover. A lot of great DB’s can cover a short and deep guy until about 10 seconds have elapsed on the play.
      However, it takes a lot of practice to avoid getting sacked and getting the most out of a qb scramble. You have to be very good at reading the drones and quick with the D pad. Yet if you are it can give you new options. For example on the last play of the first half from deep in my own territory I try to stay out of the endzone. Often I find you need more time to get the WR in range for that JJ attempt. I’d rather not risk a safety and have a chance to complete the big play. So instead of just dropping back all the way I will try to avoid the drones in the field of play and extend the time so I can throw deep with a better chance at a touchdown.
      It was a bit long winded but I thought you had an excellent question. I hope that my answer can help explain some of the things you see me do in game play. If you got other questions don’t hesitate to ask.


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