Getting in Depth with Tecmo QB’s

6 Jan

I cannot stress this enough. The most important aspect to QB play is no different from real life. The brain of the qb makes a qb great. It’s no different in tecmo super bowl. You must make good decisions to win the games. That was why we began with running the ball with the qb. I believe in sophisticated qb play to win games. Hucking and chucking for jj’s is only a last desperate resort.

First lets take a look at the three best QB’s in tecmo.



As we know from a previous article the most important QB rating is PC and next is running speed.   Passing speed and high avoid pass block have some value.  Yet mainly the important aspects are PC and MS.

QB Eagles is the best qb with his ridiculous 56 ms coupled with high PC at 69.

Montana is number two as he has 81 pc and 19 ms

Bills comes in at third with 81 pc and 13 ms.  QB browns would be number 3 on this list if he was on a better roster. 

These qb’s come with the advantage that they are easy to use.  Eagles is just hard to contain for even great defenders.  Montana has Jerry Rice.  QB Bills is just as deadly with wr’s who are not as good as in SF.  This article isn’t about using these guys.  Instead its about what to do with average QB’s or even bad QB’s.

It should go without saying that running the ball with the QB is never a bad ideal.   Here is why.  The Jets play against TB.  Which brings us this matchup.tpc_original_016


Ken’s average PC could be a big problem against a monster like Wayne Haddix.  A large PC difference creates a chance for JJ(jumping jackass-common term for any jumping catch) int’s.   If the defender is in the right spot then this type of int will be automatic.  It’s not a glitch and something good players use to frustrate average players.  Even in coverage you will have a lot of troubles.  Haddix’s speed makes more of a mismatch as the Jet’s skill players can’t run down the field fast enough.  If you’re not willing or able to open up the game by QB scrambling it will be hard to do anything against Haddix.

If the matchup is against Wash then Mayhew could do the same, Pitt has Woodson who could jj int O’brien in good or O’brien in bad.  Conditioning changes can alter the game.   O’brien in average might be a deflection and once he goes bad it will be a jj int.

A good scramble to the oppisite side of the open short route can open up the game for Ken O’brien against TB.  This comes back to out scramble drills.  Run the qb to the side without the open short route.  Then Haddix has two choices.  Cut off the qb or cover the wr.  Do this right and you can gain yards every pass play. 

Now let’s be Denver.


John Elway has terrible PC.  That means there will be a lot of DB’s and even LB’s who could JJ int him.  However, Elway has several weapons to make up for it.   31 ms means that Elway is a lot more maneuverable than O’Brien.  A defender will be giving up more yards if you run with Elway.  The drones will have a harder time tackling you in the backfield.  Elway can scramble behind the line of scrimmage longer.

Next Elway’s 75 passing speed means he will rifle balls.  That means the defender has to be right the first time.  They won’t catch up with the ball.  If the QB is Testverde or Krieg then a defender has lots of time to catch up.  As these two have low passing speed.

The cost of high passing speed is less jj’s.  If you do an end of half/game bomb you might want to sub in Kubiak to give yourself a better chance of completing it.

The suggested playbook is designed for all QB’s.  It provides gaps in the cpu coverage if pass is guessed.  Often deep wr’s are open to give you a chance to make the defender choose between deep bomb or qb sneak for ten yards.  A high passing speed qb throwing to a wr/db mismatch might get  a step on the drone defender.  There are so many possibilities which will be explored as the blog goes on.

3 Responses to “Getting in Depth with Tecmo QB’s”

  1. Tecmo Pro (@TecmoPro) January 7, 2013 at 10:11 pm #

    Another great post Mort! Just a suggestion but I would use wordpress Categories to keep your posts organized. It will help visitors sift through the information as your blog gets filled with more content. Categories could be things like Offense, Defense, Quarterbacks, Special Teams, Play Books, etc.

    You know what would be really cool… if you made some videos of you playing 🙂 here’s information on how to do that

    • mort1237 January 8, 2013 at 4:24 am #

      yeah. i’m a novice at blogging. i’ll make sure to get it all organized. also i do plan on video. right now its real busy between practicing and setting up my online league. but i will make some more posts real soon.

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