Team Review: New Orleans Saints

30 Mar

New Orleans Saints

The Saints went 8-8 in 1990 and made the playoffs as a wild card. They would follow that up with a division win in 1991 going 10-6. Unfortunately Tecmo did not reflect this good time in the Saints history. The Saints have tons of great players but not the standouts to get them out of the bottom end of the teams.

Key Players (for entire roster go to

John Fourcade 13 ms 44 Pc
RB Dalton Hilliard 50 MS
RB Craig Hayward 94 hp (use as kr)
RB Ruben Mayes 44ms
RB Gil Fenerty 44ms
WR Eric Martin 38 ms 69 REC
DL Ronaldo Turnbull 44 rp 50 MS 63 hp
DL Jim Wilks 44 rp 50 MS 56 hp
LB Pat Swilling 44 rp 50 MS 63 hp
LB Vaughn Johnson 44 rp 50 MS 63 hp
DB Robert Massey 50 MS 44 hp 56 in
DB Brett Maxie 50 MS 44 int

Team Strengths: kick off returns, running game, run defense.
Team weaknesses: Qb play, slower wr’s pass defense

Best matchup
Vs. Nyj, gb, cle
Other possibilities
Vs ari, atl, ne, sea, pitt


Team Review: Los Angeles Rams

30 Mar

Los Angeles Rams

The Rams had great talent on offense in 90 and 91 but did not perform well on the field. Five wins followed by 3 wins. Tecmo was kind to the reflect the talent on offense which makes up for a subpar defense. The best thing about the rams is there offense makes it so they can beat better teams if you play a perfect game

Key Players (for entire roster go to

QB Jim Everett 13 Ms 56 ps 63 pc
RB Cleveland Gary 50 MS 38 bc
RB Buford McGee 44 ms 50 rec
Wr Willie “Flipper” Anderson 56 ms 75 rec
Wr Henry Ellard 56 ms 81 rec
LB Kevin Greene 50 rp 56 ms 69 hp lb4 lurch
DB Bobby Humphrey 50 MS 56 int
DB Vince Newsome 50 MS 56 int

Team strength passing, fast wr’s plus good RB core
Team weaknesses bad kicker, slow db’s despite the high int. lb4 is just hard to use every down because of sweep plays.

Best matchups.
Vs Den, Minn, Det, Wash, Tb, Sd, Dal, Mia
Other possibilities
PHX, PITT, Cin, Oak,
Stretching it
Watch the video below as we go further in depth on the Rams

Team Review: San Francisco 49ers

29 Mar

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers went 14-2 in 1990 and lost in the NFC championship to the eventual super bowl champion Giants. The next year they would miss the playoffs with a 10-6 record. The 49ers dominated the 80’s and Tecmo super bowl. They are the best team in the game and almost unstoppable. Don’t call the 49ers in any matchup in tecmo Madison. You never get them and it never works out.

Key Players (for entire roster go to
QB Joe Montana 19 MS 81 PC
RB Roger Craig 50 MS 44 REC
RB Tom Rathman 25 MS 94 HP 56 REC
WR Jerry Rice 69 MS 81 REC 81 BC
WR John Taylor 50 ms 63 REC
TE Brent Jones 38 ms 69 HP
LB Bill Romanowski 44 RP 50 MS 50 HP
LB Matt Millen 50 MS 31 INT
LB Charles Haley 50 Rp 56 MS 63 HP can do linebacker 4 lurch
Db Ronnie Lott 56 RP 69 MS 50 INT
DB Dave Waymer 50 RP 63 MS 69 INT

Team strength: Passing. Joe Montana to Jerry Rice is almost unstoppable. Pass defense and a good lb4. Solid players on both sides of the balls besides the stud players.
Team weakness: Roger Craig only has 50 ms. Jerry Rice will drop 1 out of 10 balls.

Best matchups.
Vs NYG, Hou
Other possibilities
Stretching it
Watch the video below as we go further in depth on the 49ers.

Team Review: Seattle Seahawks

29 Mar

Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks went 9-7 in 1990 and just missed the playoffs. The next year they would go 7-9. Unfortunately Tecmo was not to kind to the Seahawks.  Despite having a better record than the Chargers they are one of the worst teams in the game. Still Sea vs. NE is a popular call and it is good to be somewhat ready to use them. The Seahwaks are best known in Tecmo for a fictional event involving there QB Dave Krieg and a pro form pass.

Key Players (for entire roster go to
QB Dave Krieg 25 PS 69 PC 13 MS
DL Jacob Green 50 RP 63 MS 56 HP
DB Dwayne Harper 50 MS 50 INT
DB Nesby Glasgow 50 MS 25 INT

Team strength: Passing deep.
Team weakness: No one in the skill positions has more than 38 ms, the two best defenders are hard to use. Dave Kriegs’ 25 ps often negates his good pc.

Best matchups.
Other possibilities
Cle, NO
Stretching it
Watch the video below as we go further in depth on the Seahawks.


Q&A: Better QB play

28 Mar

Feel free to send me any questions you have about game play before or after Madison.  I will try to answer asap and as best as I can.

Mitch Dohm in Madison wants to know how to improve his QB play.  Here is my answer.

I was asked about improving Qb play today and I wanted to get a little more in depth on the subject. Thus goes all the way back to my first post. Run the ball with the QB.

Yet now I think it’s time to expand on where you run and why.
First of all your goal in pass play is to create as much separation as possible between the manned defender and the QB and as much separation as possible between your target wr and the manned defender

First step on any pass play is to identify which receivers are open and which ones are not open
This needs to be done quickly because you need to scramble based on who is open and what route they are running.

If everyone is covered by drones you can drop back and jj or quickly scramble away from the defender
These are rare moments. Most plays one one reciever is open.. In those situations the human defender will cover that reciever. Which brings up two scenarios. The deep wr is open or one of the short button hooks.
If the deep wr is open scramble to his side of the field. If a short button hook is open scramble away from the reciever.

Now you need to move towards the line of scrimmage and try to go as long as possible without crossing the line
Doing this will exploit in opening. Either a running lane will open, or a pass attempt. Most likely an opportunity to run. The lower your QB Pc or the higher his defenders INT determines what risks you can take

Now we go to multiple receivers open. If both are going deep scramble to the side of the better reciever. If both are open short scramble away from the easier wr. Finally one short and one deep. Then scramble away from the short route. The longer you can keep your QB by the line of scrimmage the greater your chance to exploit that deep wr. These situations with one short and one deep can often be big plays if your patient.

Another thing that can help you pass is to have better pass plays. There are certain plays the computer is really bad at defending. R AND S pass 2, the normal shotgun in pass 3 and the red gun shotgun in pass 4. If your good with these plays you will help your passing game a lot. Even when your opponent guesses pass the cpu will often leave a short and deep route open.

The advance lesson to pass better is to learn to recognize burn routes. The cpu isn’t good at covering recievers. Burn routes are possible on almost every route and play. Yet the human has limited time to recognize them. First thing is look for mismatches on the field. Teams like phi with slow safeties, det has a terrible dB 1 and so does denver. Yet even good and above average db,s will give up burn routes at time. I get most of my burn routes on DB1. I study the movement of the cb and notice that the db is moving up or standing still.

Lastly if you got a mismatch but the CPU covers right at the line of scrimmage.  Later on that superior reciever might burn the DB.



Team Review: San Diego Chargers

23 Mar

San Diego Chargers

The Chargers went 6-10 in 1990 winning 6 games for the third year in a row. The next year in 1991 they would only win 4 games. Tecmo made the chargers a far better team than there record. Led by Marion Butte and Gill Byrd they are one of the most popular teams in live competition.

Key Players (for entire roster go to
QB BJ Tolliver 81 ps 31 Pc
QB Mark Vlassic 38 pc
RB Marion Butts 63 ms
Wr Anthony Miller 44 ms 69 Rec
K John Carney 75 KA
LB Leslie O’Neal 50 RP, 56 MS, 63 HP
DB Sam Seale 44 RP 56 MS 50 INT
DB Gill Byrd 50 RP 63 MS 69 INT

Team strength Running, balanced defense with plenty of good drones.
Team weaknesses bad Qb play, slow wr’s and the best player on defense in a hard to use position

Best matchups.
Vs Den, Minn, Det, Wash, Rams, TB
Other possibilities
Dal, Pitt, Mia, Cin
Stretching it
Watch the video below as we go further in depth on the Chargers.

Team Review: Los Angeles Raiders

23 Mar

Los Angeles Raiders

The Raiders went 12-4 in 1990 and 9-7 in 1991 l, making the playoffs each year. In Tecmo they are led by Bo Jackson. Bo certainly knows Tecmo with his 75 ms. The Raiders have plenty of speed, NFL hall of fame Marcus Allen is the teams backup running back. The Raiders are fast on offense and defense.

Key Players (for entire roster go to
QB Jay Schroeder 69 ps 31 Pc
QB Steve Beuerlein 38 pc
RB Bo Jackson 75 ms 81 bc
RB Marcus Allen 56 ms
Wr Willie Gault 63 ms 56 REC
Wr Tim Brown 56 ms 50 REC
Wr Mervyn Fernandez 50 MS 63 REC
Wr Sam Grady 63 ms 19 REC
TE Ethan Horton 44 ms 50 hp 44 REC
DL Greg Townsend 50 RP, 56 MS, 63 HP, 31 INT
DL Howie Long 50 RP, 56 MS, 69 HP, 31 INT
DB L. Washington 56 MS, 38 INT
DB Terry McDaniel 56 MS 38 INT
DB Eddie Anderson 50 RP, 63 MS, 50 INT

Team strength Running, speed in the skill positions, best DL in Tecmo and good speed in defensive backfield.
Team weaknesses bad Qb play, low int, slow lb’s.
Best matchups.
Vs Chi, KC, Cin, Mia, Phi
Other possibilities
Minn, Det, Hou, Wash, Rams, Sd
Stretching it
Buf, Pitt, Den
Watch the video below as we go further in depth on the Raiders