Team Review: San Diego Chargers

23 Mar

San Diego Chargers

The Chargers went 6-10 in 1990 winning 6 games for the third year in a row. The next year in 1991 they would only win 4 games. Tecmo made the chargers a far better team than there record. Led by Marion Butte and Gill Byrd they are one of the most popular teams in live competition.

Key Players (for entire roster go to
QB BJ Tolliver 81 ps 31 Pc
QB Mark Vlassic 38 pc
RB Marion Butts 63 ms
Wr Anthony Miller 44 ms 69 Rec
K John Carney 75 KA
LB Leslie O’Neal 50 RP, 56 MS, 63 HP
DB Sam Seale 44 RP 56 MS 50 INT
DB Gill Byrd 50 RP 63 MS 69 INT

Team strength Running, balanced defense with plenty of good drones.
Team weaknesses bad Qb play, slow wr’s and the best player on defense in a hard to use position

Best matchups.
Vs Den, Minn, Det, Wash, Rams, TB
Other possibilities
Dal, Pitt, Mia, Cin
Stretching it
Watch the video below as we go further in depth on the Chargers.

Team Review: Los Angeles Raiders

23 Mar

Los Angeles Raiders

The Raiders went 12-4 in 1990 and 9-7 in 1991 l, making the playoffs each year. In Tecmo they are led by Bo Jackson. Bo certainly knows Tecmo with his 75 ms. The Raiders have plenty of speed, NFL hall of fame Marcus Allen is the teams backup running back. The Raiders are fast on offense and defense.

Key Players (for entire roster go to
QB Jay Schroeder 69 ps 31 Pc
QB Steve Beuerlein 38 pc
RB Bo Jackson 75 ms 81 bc
RB Marcus Allen 56 ms
Wr Willie Gault 63 ms 56 REC
Wr Tim Brown 56 ms 50 REC
Wr Mervyn Fernandez 50 MS 63 REC
Wr Sam Grady 63 ms 19 REC
TE Ethan Horton 44 ms 50 hp 44 REC
DL Greg Townsend 50 RP, 56 MS, 63 HP, 31 INT
DL Howie Long 50 RP, 56 MS, 69 HP, 31 INT
DB L. Washington 56 MS, 38 INT
DB Terry McDaniel 56 MS 38 INT
DB Eddie Anderson 50 RP, 63 MS, 50 INT

Team strength Running, speed in the skill positions, best DL in Tecmo and good speed in defensive backfield.
Team weaknesses bad Qb play, low int, slow lb’s.
Best matchups.
Vs Chi, KC, Cin, Mia, Phi
Other possibilities
Minn, Det, Hou, Wash, Rams, Sd
Stretching it
Buf, Pitt, Den
Watch the video below as we go further in depth on the Raiders

Training videos

20 Mar

I’m posting a couple videos that I think will help you get better for Madison.  First is on Tom and I made last week.  It had some play by play anylsis and more.

Next up


I’ve been following Trojan up in Green Bay for a few weeks.  I really like how he is doing analysis with his streaming.  It really forces him to admit to mistakes and try to find better strategies.

In this game I noticed a lot of improvement compared to a few weeks ago.  The main improvement is Trojan is guessing pass more often on defense.  Slowly but surely learning to contain runs on his own.  Which was something I had mentioned when reviewing an earlier game.

I highly recommend you follow him if you’re training for Madison and are new at this. Watch several of his games and you will get an ideal of what you need to break into the win column at these tournaments.

Team Review: Denver Broncos

16 Mar

Denver Broncos
A year after a super bowl appearance the 1990 Broncos went 5-11 and finished in last place. They would bounce back a year later to go 12-4 and win the division. In real life the Broncos were led by John Elway. in tecmo there standout players is Bobby Humphrey. Denver has a nice collection of pieces but a few holes here and there preventing them from being a great team.

Key Players (for entire roster go to
QB John Elway 25 ms 75 ps 31 pc
RB Bobby Humphrey 63 ms 38 rec
Wr Vance Johnson 50 MS 56 REC
Wr Mark Jackson 44 ms 69 rec
K David Treadwell 69 KA 31 AKB
LB Karl Mecklenburg 44 RP 50 MS 56 HP
LB4 Simon Fletcher 50 RP 56 MS 38 HP
DB Dennis Smith 44 RP 56 MS 44 INT
Team strength Qb Mobility, running the ball and Simon Fletcher can do the lb 4 lurch.
Team weaknesses Qb ball control and pass defense.
Best matchups.
Vs Dal, Wash, Pitt, Rams, TB, SD
Other possibilities
Minn, Det, Mia, Ari, Atl
Stretching it
Jets, Cin, Oak
Watch the video below as we go further in depth on the Broncos

Team Review: Kansas City Chiefs

16 Mar

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs went 11-5 in 90 and 10-6 in 1991. On offense they are lead by a dynamic trio of Steve Deberg, Stephone Paige and Christian Okoye. The defense is led by Derrick Thomas. A legendary player whose life and carrer was cut short by a tragic accident in 2000. A very powerful and balanced team . Unlike the top 4 teams in the game the Chiefs are used often in tourney play.

Key Players (for entire roster go to
QB Steve DeBerg 6 MS 63 PC
RB Christian Okoye 63 RS 75 RP 50 MS 94 HP 19 rec
Wr Stephone Paige 50 MS 75 rec
K Nick Lowery 81 KA 81 AKB
DL Neil Smith 44 RP 50 MS 63 HP
LB Derrick Thomas 56 RP, 63 MS 69 HP
LB Percy Snow 50 RP 56 MS 56 HP 31 INT
DB Kevin Ross 50 MS 56 INT
DB Dennis Smith 44 RP 56 MS 44 INT
Team strength Passing running, run defense and the best FG kicker in the game
Team weaknesses Pass defense and a big talent gap on offense between the big 3 and the rest of the skill position players.
Best matchups.
Vs Chi, Rai, Cin, Mia, Phi
Other possibilities
Minn, Det, Buff, Wash, Rams
Stretching it
Watch the video below as we go further in depth Chiefs

Team Review: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

9 Mar

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The 1990 Buccaneers went 6-10 and then went back to there normal performance with a 3-13. The one thing the Bucs had going for them that year was Wayne Haddix. He had seven career interceptions and three TD’s. Which was just enough to make him the best defensive back in Tecmo Super Bowl. The only other notable is Vinny Testaverdeto who would have a long NFL career. Twenty one seasons in the NFL as a QB.

Key Players (for entire roster
QB Vinny Testaverde 31 Ms 56 Pc
RB Gary Anderson 50 MS 50 REC
RB Reggie Cobb 94 hp
Wr Mark Carrier 44 MS 63 REC
Te Ron Hall 38 MS 44 HP 44 REC
K Steve Christie 69 KA 75 AKB
DB Wayne Haddix 56 RP 75 MS 75 INT
Team strength QB mobility, interceptions and Wayne Haddix
Team weaknesses bad drones, run defense.
Best matchups.
Vs Dal, Wash, Pitt, Rams, Den
Other possibilities
SD, Minn, Det, Mia, Ari, Atl,
Stretching it
Watch the video below as we go further in depth on the Buccaneers.


Team Review: Minnesota Vikings

9 Mar

Minnesota Vikings:
The 1990 Vikings went 6-10 and improved to 8-8 in 91. The Vikings squad was very talented but could not get the results on the field. The teams stand out players are safeties Joey Browner and Anthony Carter. The Vikings are a very balanced team. Stud players make them a threat at running, passing, run defense and pass defense.

Key Players

(For entire roster go to
QB Wade Wilson 13 Ms and 44 PC
RB Hershel Walker 44 Ms
Wr Anthony Carter 44 RS 56 MS 75 REC
Te Steve Jordan 44 MS 63 HP 56 REC
DL Chris Coleman 44 RP 50 MS 69 HP 31 INT
LB Mark Merriweather 44 RP 50 MS 56 HP 44 INT
LB Keith Millard 50 RP 63 MS 69 HP
DB Carl Lee 50 RP 63 MS 50 INT
DB Joey Browner 50 RP 63 MS 69 INT
Team strength receiving, interceptions and good drones.
Team weaknesses running back and QB are average.
Best matchups.
Vs Det, Cin, Wash, Mia, Rams, Sd
Other possibilities
Den, Rai, Chi, TB, Phi
Stretching it
Pitt, KC
Watch the video below as we go further in depth on the Vikings.