Film review. Trojan1979 vs madtownspliff

23 Feb

As I stated in my last article I  am going to do everything I can to help people improve.  Thankfully Troy who runs great Tecmo and NHL 94 tourneys has agreed to share some film for review.

@trojanvoice is Troy’s twitter.  Troy is holding a tourney tomorrow night in Green bay.  Games will be streamed in high def if you cannot make it.

Now this is a practice game on tpc between two online players. It’s not a title game or epic matchup which makes it perfect to review. My first impression is both players can become much better and quicker than they might have thought possible.

I will start with madtwonspliff and his chiefs. It’s always easier to make a breakdown after a loss. The mistakes are easier to see. The playbook was good but had one flaw that helped Miami. There was no significant run play in the same formation as a pass play. R and s Swee right would have made life far more difficult for Miami. That way the defender is thinking about run defense at the snap. It’s a lot easier to defend a play when you know what is coming. If he didn’t like the sweep there are several good passes to match formation with his run plays.
Next a little too much DT. There was no point being DT against singlesetback plays. Mia had two runs in the formation and both attacked DT. This would have been a great time to use the safeties to contain the run plays.
Finally a bit more decisiveness in the pass game. At times Madtown hesitated. Yet besides that he executed well on offense. He passed and ran for good yardage throughout the game. With a little better timing in the red zone this would have been a much closer game.

Now a to Miami they did a lot right. Troy has a very solid game. He is a bit aggressive but with Marino throwing well it’s a good thing. His challenge is to be just as decisive in his decision making with a lesser QB or better opponent. The key to being a great passer is making a quick decision and being right everytime.
Troy could also mix up the playbook for more deception by matching formations with pass and run plays. You can tell Troy has an advanced game as he recognizes when his wr has burned a drone. Now his challenge is to take advantage of that with lesser qb’s when mistakes equal turnovers.
As a very good player Troy could get better by taking a lesser team in the matchup in a future rematch or in another pick up game where he has the advantage.
Yet also take confidence he has the skills and tools to eventually be a top player.
Anyways that is what I got. Feel free to watch and make your own comments below.

Tecmo Training

21 Feb

It’s about 6 weeks to Tecmo Madison and it’s time to start getting ready. Hopefully your lucky enough to have a sparring partner or two. Of course you have the blog and online tecmo. Warm up events as well like Detroit’s Tecmo Kumite on Mar 4th.
Yet that’s not enough. The problem is what if you hate playing online. Or perhaps your buddy moved 700 or 3000 miles away. Also there are some of us that think online tecmo sucks. Which brings us right back to the problem. How do you improve your game for the big event.
I can do two things to help if you want to improve your game. For Madison, for any other tournament or just local bragging rights. If you live around the Chicago area you can practice with me. Just email me at, private message me on the board (mort1237), add me on Facebook or just txt me 7163926900.
Now if you live further away I can still help. This can be done by breaking down game film if you have any. I will look at it and go over ways you can improve. Even better if you can record your practice or stream your practice. That way I can offer my advise in real time.
Finally if your already a really good player you can help others improve. Depending on your free time or availability. There are tremendous advantages as this can help improve tournament attendance at our other events throughout the year.
This is going to eventually be a year round project where I post my break downs on the blog and YouTube. This way it should dramatically increase the film available for training purposes.

USB to audio visual hookups are very inexpensive as the above link shows.

Also the breakdowns will be posted on the blog to allow others to learn and comment on your game play.



28 Feb

I hope everyone had fun at tecmo Madison last weekend.  It was a great time and congratulations to the champion Joeygats.  I was just happy to be able to play tecmo and get away from work.  Even better though was finishing in 7th when I really have played 12 games since the last Buffalo tournament I was in last April.  The cool thing is I finished 7th out of 250+ and it was in large part thanks to visualization.

I’m sure your all wondering what I mean by that and its not what you think.  I didn’t find some new way to analysis the game.  Nor did I find some new trick or match-up issue.  Yet I still wanted to win and be better than I was the last two tecmo Madison’s when I got upset in the first round.

At the same time I work 10 hours a day and 6 to 7 days a week in sells.  I moved to Columbus Ohio in May and then to Chicago Il in October.  That meant I would not have time to practice, to figure out interesting little quirks in the game or anything else I did in the past.

Then I made the assumption that everyone would be a little bit better than the year before. Yet very few would be far superior than the same version of themselves that had come to Tecmo 11.  Even more I assumed the experienced players might be hitting a plateau.  I sure was and I think the results of Tecmo 12 back me up.  That’s because we have pretty much gone as far as we can on understanding the game play and match ups.

The answer didn’t hit me until a sales meeting at work.  In sales we always mention positive thinking.  If you have not heard of Zig Ziglar and Eric Thomas I strongly advise you to google them right now.  It was in that meeting my boss told us to visualize writing a deal before you knock the door.  Visualize the customer turning around to go get there gas and electric bill.  Picture in your mind that you will hook the customer when they are searching for the bill.  It sounds corny as hell but it works.

What hit me on the head is that we aren’t as good at tecmo super bowl as some of us might think.  A lot of us are getting older and more set in there ways.  Every year past 30 our abilities are waning.  I know my reactions aren’t as good as the 25 year old Francis Buennagel.  I don’t tap as fast anymore and my finger strokes are less reliable.  I don’t pick up things as quickly as I did in the past and I am more nervous.  Yet at the same time I’m more experienced so I know I would whoop the 25 year old me any day of the week.

Now after that meeting I had the solution how I could always be the best version of me.  If my receivers where always open I would not have to be nervous about throwing the ball or my fingers being a bit less reliable.  So I pictured them wide open before the play call.  I saw myself scoring a touchdown then I instinctively made it happen.

Each game I pictured myself winning and each time I lost I still thought I would win.  Each time I had the ball on the way to tie or win.  It didn’t matter if I fell behind in a game anymore.  All I did was picture that I was going to get an interception or fumble.  Then my game play on defense adjusted.  Next thing I know it happened.

Now you might say well that’s all luck but we all know this game is about putting the odds in your favor.  In my sweet 16 game DT was up 7-3 with the ball.  He knows my game play inside and out.  Plus he had a crazy playbook to take advantage of Wayne Haddix.  He had all the tangible advantages.

The second I pictured DT turning the ball over my defense sharpened up despite the odds against me.  It didn’t matter if every run play 1 to 5 drones came after Haddix.  I knew I would get them to go after other drones.  I began to contain the plays that stumped me the first drive.  I began to get more tackles in bounds.  This lead to a pass and a bad throw by his qb.  I got an int.  Next play I visualized a td then ran for 50 yards for a score.

Now I know everyone is thinking I’m just lucky.  If that pass had been thrown right its caught and his drive continues.  Later he fumbled on a run and that’s luck too.  Yet at the same time I knew my defense was pushing him into places he did not want to be in.  He was going for more yards on a run because I was containing much better than expected.  I seemed to be always in the right place.  Because I knew I would avoid his drones no matter what.  It all became very easy for me because I was being very positive and focused.

Now if you think its all nonsense I can’t blame you.  Yet if you are willing to believe in this simple method it will work.  It won’t make up for a lack of skill, a lack of understanding of the game or a lack of experience.  Yet what it can do is push you just a little bit ahead of where you are.  That way your always the best possible version of you.

All you do is this.  At the coin toss picture yourself at the final scene with more points than your opponent.  Heck picture it 35 to 7.  You got to believe in it so hard it hurts.  Picture that you will win the coin toss and be on defense.  Your drones are everywhere in his face.  You know when he is running and passing.  On third down you will guess his play and he will loss ten yards.

When you get the ball your receivers are wide open when you pick a pass.  You run the ball in circles around his drones.  You have perfect blocking and the man player slipped on his controller.  Then see yourself in that end zone.  If you visualize it then it will happen.

Then make adjustments to your positive thinking.  When he scores you have to tell yourself it will not happen again.  He ran all over me that drive but this time I will contain him every play till he fumbles.  This time his receivers will be covered.  One will look open deep but I will get there at the last second and pick it off.  If he goes for a field goal know you will block it.

When you lose a game tell yourself it will not happen again.  Visualize how you will improve.  Don”t gripe over some bad luck.  If there is a game you lost in the past with 4 fumbles forget it right now.  You can’t afford to think negative.  Your going to be out of bounds with a first down in hands from now on.  So that will never happen again.  Just visualize it and it will happen.

Eliminate all your negative thoughts.  If your not the fastest tapper then believe the drones will always help you or you will guess right.  If you stay positive enough it will happen.  If your opponent is a master of long JJ’s just chuckle to yourself.  Picture that he will waste his time on four incomplete passes.  Make sure you get back on D with a great defender and it will happen.

Now visualize that positive result every moment in life outside of tecmo.  No matter how hard things get just stay with that positive thought.  That’s all you will ever need to be successful.  You won’t always win but you will always bounce back higher than last time.




21 Jan

What: Buffalo Bounty III For A Few Dollars Moore 5/16/2015
When:  May 16th 5/16/2015
Where:  Slick Willies Billiard Hall 2316 Niagara Falls BLVD Tonawanda NY 14150 716-743-8233

Time:     10am Registration 11am Kickoff NOTE: BAR ONLY ACCEPTS CASH ONLY


#BuffaloBountyII Video Highlight

7 May

Check out the awesome highlight film made by Lou Raguse.

Also here is the link to the title games


Top 20 Results

15 Apr

20 pitt/den
19 chi/cin
18 phx/dal
12 min/mia
8 sd/minn
7 chi/kc
6 buf/hou
5 phi/rai
4 min/det
2 mia/kc
1 minn/wash

Thanks to Josh, Lou, James and Jimmy.
This is the aggregate top 20. The winner was detremined by number of matchups they had in this top 20.

1. Josh 15
2. Lou 13
3. Jimmy 12
4. mort 6
5. james 5

Congradulations Josh and it seems I owe you twenty. Maybe perhaps to enter Or Madison next year. Let me know when your about to go to a tourney bro and I will send you the prize money.

Buffalo Tecmo (Friday Night Tecmo)

30 Mar

Check out the webpage for the local Buffalo players.  After the success of last Friday night I am hoping the website will help us build momentum and keep a good thing rolling.  I can’t begin to describe of forming your own group in your area to play once a month.  If you want some ideals on forming a group feel free to ask me.